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We Provide Options To Finance Your Machinery

Scott Machinery has worked with a number of lending institutions over the years, and Intech Funding shines far above the rest. Their approval times are quick and we trust they will provide excellent service and low-cost solutions for our customers.

Intech Funding is a financial industry leader providing financing and leasing to manufacturing companies nationwide. They are equipment and machinery leasing experts who will give you quick answers and immediate service. Intech can provide better rates and terms than “traditional” lenders because they only finance machinery.

You can apply online here with this simple five-minute credit application:

Or call Intech Funding directly at (800) 533 -9208.

Many companies choose finance leases (Lease to Own) because this typically allows the buyer to own the equipment at the end of the lease for just $1.

•    Early Pay-off: Intech offers one of the most customer-friendly early pay-off provisions in the industry.
•    Simple One Page Lease: The contract is one page (front and back), written in standard English.
•    No Blanket Liens: The security interest is in the leased equipment only.
•    10-Day Payment Grace Period: Intech always gives a 10-day grace period on payments.
•    No Hassles: Leases aren’t subject to annual renewal and/or call provisions.

Leasing is the largest single source for equipment financing. Leasing is a more effective means of controlling a large amount of equipment with a minimal cash outlay.
Always check with your accountant to verify tax or accounting issues and any tax benefits.