43.3"Arm x 10.24"Column, CLAUSING RADIAL DRILL, MODEL#CL1100, **NEW**   Our stock number: 8331

43.3 Arm x 10.24 Column, CLAUSING RADIAL DRILL, MODEL#CL1100, **NEW**

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43.3 Arm x 10.24 Column, CLAUSING RADIAL DRILL, MODEL#CL1100, **NEW**

Model: CL1100
Working Area:
Column Sleeve Dia. (E): 10.24"
Column Face to Spindle Center:
Maximum (D+C): 43.3"
Minimum (D): 11.0"
Spindle Head Travel (C): 32.3"
Base Surface to Spindle End:
Maximum (A): 50.0"
Minimum (B): 18.5"
Arm Vertical Travel (A-B): 22.4"
Arm Rotation (Right & Left): 180 Degrees
Baseplate Working Surface: 48" x 29.1"
Box Table Area:
Length (L): 25.0"
Width (K): 24.5"
Height (H): 16.3"
Base Dimensions:
Floor Area (R x S): 67.9" x 28.1"
Height (Q): 7.1"

Drill Head:
Spindle Taper: 4MT
Spindle Stroke: 9.05"
Quill Diameter: 3.15"
Number of Spindle Speeds: 12
Spindle Speeds (RPM): 44-1500
Number of Feeds: 3
Spindle Feed Rate in./rev: 0.002", 0.0035", 0.006"
Spindle Drive Motor (2-Speed): 3 hp
Elevating Motor: 1 hp
Coolant Pump Motor: 1/8 hp

Drilling in Steel: 1.65"
Drilling in Cast Iron: 2.16"
Tapping in Steel: 1"
Tapping in Cast Iron: 1.5"
Boring in Steel: 3.35"
Boring in Cast Iron: 4.72"

Max. Machine Height (F): 99.6"
Base and Column Height (G): 78.7"
Shipping Dimensions (L X W X H): 74.0" x 34.0" x 87"
Net Weight: 3,968 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 4,299 lbs.

* The bearing bracket for gear-box is fitted with standard
bearings to fit arm slide for smooth gear-box operation
* High speed gears are made of Nickel-Chrome Steel and are
heat-treated and ground for durability
* Powerful 3 Hp, 2-speed, heavy-duty spindle drive motor
* Overload protection device
* The main spindle is balanced by a specially shaped
* Coolant system
* Low volt and overload protection
* CSA Electrics Standard
* Tool kit and manuals

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