BAILEIGH Manual Corner Notcher, MODEL#SN-F16-HN **NEW**   Our stock number: 8662

BAILEIGH Manual Corner Notcher, MODEL#SN-F16-HN **NEW**

Table Size: 18" x 12"
Notch Angle: 90 (Fixed)
Stroke Length: 3/4"
Capacity (SS): 16 ga. (20 ga.)
Blade Length: 6"
Power: Manual
Shipping Weight: 275 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 48" x 31" x 23"


The SN-F16-HN manual corner notcher is a high quality cast
iron sheet metal notcher perfect for any garage or sheet
metal shop. The cutting angle is fixed at 90 degrees and can
notch up to 6" x 6" in one manual stroke. For your safety
we have included a blade guard to save your fingers.

Because of the high quality components used to make the SN-
F16-HN, the finished notches are extremely clean and have
burr free edges. The SN-F16-HN sheet metal notcher includes
a sturdy floor stand, freeing up valuable worktop space.
Take it off the stand and you have a machine that is very
compact and can be easily moved from jobsite to jobsite.
Adjustable guides on the oversized table allow for accurate
repeatable notches.

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