25 Ton, DAKE AIR-OP HYDRAULIC PRESS, SINGLE-PUMP, MODEL#6-225 **NEW**   Our stock number: 2803

Model: 6-225
Capacity: 25-Tons
RAM Speed: 6 Inches per Minute (Press)
RAM Speed: 110 Inches per Min (Advance)
# Of Pumps: 1
Air Pressure: 90 - 125 lbs.
Width Between Uprights: 33-1/2"
Width Between Table Channels: 5-3/16"
Minimum Ram to Table: 1"
Maximum Ram to Table: 36"
RAM Travel: 10"
Horizontal Workhead Travel: 13-1/2"
Overall DIMS: 43"L X 30"W X 81"H
Approx. Weight: 750 lbs.

* Air Operation eliminates the need for hand pumping.
* Rapid Ram Approach quickly moves ram to work to save
production time.
* By-pass Hole prevents excessive ram extension.
* Adjustable Table permits easy vertical movement by means
of self-locking hoist.
* Safety Valve protects against overloads.
* Stroke Indicator ensures accurate ram control.
* Moveable Workhead is roller mounted on ball bearings for
off-center positioning (except 25H model).
* Dual Air Pumps for faster pressing speeds, available on
some models.

* Frame
* Workhead
* Two Forged Steel V-Blocks
* Two Forged Steel Table Plates
* Flat Ram Nose
* V-Ram Nose (n/a on 25 ton model)
* Stroke Indicator
* Pressure Gauge
* Safety Relief Valve
* Self-Locking Table Hoist

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