BAILEIGH MANUAL ROLL BENDER, MODEL#R-M10 **NEW**   Our stock number: 5797


Model: R-M10
Roll Adjustment: Manual
Pipe Capacity: Size: 1" (sch. 40) / Min. Dia.: 28"
Round Tube Capacity: Size: 1.25" (.078") / Min. Dia.: 31.5"
Square Tube Capacity: Size: 1.25" (.078") / Min. Dia.: 35"
Solid Round Capacity: Size: .875" / Min. Dia. 20"
Flat Bar Easy Way: 2" Thick / Min Dia. 15.75"
Flat Bar Hard Way: .75" Thick / Min Dia. 6.5"
Angle Iron Capacity: Size: 1.25" (.157") / Min. Dia.: 30"
Shaft Diameter: 1.181"
Shaft Center Distance: 6.7"
Lower Roll Dia.: 4.65"
Pinch: Single
Power: Manual
Shipping Weight: 435 lbs.
Material Type: All Specs based on 60,000 PSI (42 Kg/mm 2)
Tensile Strength - Mild Steel.


The R-M10 has been a staple in the Baileigh Industrial's
line since it was first introduced in 2004. This manually
powered roll bender is capable of rolling full circles
because of its open face design. The R-M10 can do anything
that the larger models of roll benders can. The only
difference is that The R-M10 is manually powered, but it
does have a reduction gearbox to assist in the bending

The R-M10's powerful manual drive system has a maximum
capacity of 1-1/4" (.078" wall) round tubing capacity in
mild steel. All rolling shafts on the R-M10 angle roll are
hardened and turn on bronze bushings ensuring long life and
great wear characteristics. The head is made of strong cast
steel and machines to exacting tolerances. The included
base has a useful storage cabinet. The R-M10 comes standard
with segment rolls that allows for many different types of
flat bar, some angle iron and some square to be rolled. The
R-M10 has optional many sizes of tooling available for round
tube and pipe, as well as other profiles.

The R-M10 would be a perfect addition to any fabricating

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