10 Ga. x 4', BAILEIGH HYDRAULIC BOX&PAN BRAKE, MODEL#BB-4810H **NEW**   Our stock number: 6520


Model: BB-4810H
Motor: 3 hp
Min Reverse Bend: .984"
Thickness (SS): 10 ga. (12 ga.)
Box Depth: 6"
Beam Adjustment: 1"
Bend Angle: 0 - 135
Finger Sizes: 3" - 4" - 5" - 6"
Power: 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight: 3,850 lbs.
Length: 48"
Shipping Dimensions: 83" x 46" x 69"

Have thicker material to bend? Then look no further than
the BB-4810H hydraulic box and pan brake from Baileigh
Industrial. The BB-4810H finger brake will do a maximum of
10 guage sheet metal at a full 48 inches. This semi-
automatic sheet metal brake has 3-3", 2-4", 5-5" and 1-6"
fingers that allows any sheet metal fabricator to adjust
for different size boxes and pans the wish to make. The
BB-4810H box and pan brake is built witha a fully welded
beam, beding leaf and is further stabilized with truss rod
support that helps minimize any deflection when bending at
full capacity.

The BB-4810H hydraulic sheet metal brake uses industrial
grade hydraulics to lift the leaf and can be operated in
manual or semi-automatic mode. For even more holding power
when bending 10 guage mild steel, the beam is lifted and
clamped via an electric motor that turns a cam.

The BB-4810H hydraulic finger brake has a programmable bend
adjustment making reproducing bends easy on this hydraulic
sheet metal brake.

Another nice feature of the BB-4810H, like all the Baileigh
Industrial box and pan brakes, is that the bending apron is
removable - allowing the operator to get closer between
bends. The BB-4810H has a 1" beam adjustment and is capable
of bending to a maximum of 135 degrees. Operating on 220V
3 hp motor to control all the hydraulic functions.

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