BAILEIGH Manual 8" x .236", Multi-Purpose Gear-Actuated, MODEL#MPS-8G **NEW**   Our stock number: 6760

BAILEIGH Manual 8 x .236 , Multi-Purpose Gear-Actuated, MODEL#MPS-8G **NEW**

Model: MPS-8G
Shear Capacity Flat Bar: 2.75" x .236"
Shear Capacity Round: .5"
Blade Length: 8"
Power: Manual
Shipping Weight: 42 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 20" x 6.5" x 18"


Cutting sheet metal of thin steel plate should be easy. The
MPS-8G from Baileigh Industrial is a bench mounted multi-
purpose manual sheet metal shear that will make your life
easier. The MPS-8G is perfect for those small fabrication
shops that do not have a lot of room or space for larger
more permanently mounted machinery. The MPS-8G manual shear
uses a gear system that is connected to the pull down handle
for more efficiency allowing .236" mild steel to be cut with

A handy material hold down is also included. The 8" blade
length also allows for the cutting of a full 7" piece of
sheet metal. The blades are polished for longevity and are
fully adjustable for blade gap.

The MPS-8G manual shear from Baileigh Industrial would be a
great addition to any shop.

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