52", FINISH PRO FP-5285, Dry Type Line Graining/Deburring/Finishing Machine   Our stock number: 7128

52 , FINISH PRO FP-5285, Dry Type Line Graining/Deburring/Finishing Machine

Model: FP-5285
Max. Part Width: 52"
Abrasive Belt Size: 52" x 86"
Contact Roller Size: 10" Dia.
Passline Height: 31" - 37"
Max. Thickness Capacity: 6-1/8"
Conveyor Drive Speeds: 8-40 FPM
Infeed Conveyor Length: 20"
Dust Collector Capacity: 2,800 CFM
Main Motor: 30 HP, 230V / 460V, 3-Ph
Conveyor Motor: 3 HP, 230V / 460V,3-Ph
Table Lifting Motor: 3 HP, 230V / 460V, 3-Ph
Net Weight, approx.: 6,650 LBS
Machine Dimensions, LxWxH: 89" x 98" x 93"

* Abrasive belt size: 52" x 86"
* 10" diameter heavy duty drum for perfect graining
* 6-1/8" wide opening for max. workpiece thickness 6"
* Motorized Table Lift with LED display
* Variable Speed Conveyor
* Conveyor Forward & Reverse
* Belt Safety Overtravel Switches
* Electronic Eye Belt Tracking. Belt tracking adjusting
lever (Belt Trimmer) to re-adjust the tracking system when
running extremely out of parallel belts -4-Jackscrew Table
* Double Infeed & Outfeed Pinch Rolls with protective guards
* Conveyor Belt Tracking System
* Safety System with Disc Brake. Air operated disc brakes to
stop sanding head in
* 3-5 seconds in the even of loss of air pressure or
activation of any emergency stop device
* Table Height Digital Readout
* Load Meter indicates percentage of full motor loads
* Belt changedoor electrically interlockd for safety purpose
* Air tensioning of belt for accurate tensioning &
compensation of belt stretch
* Quick release sanding head support for fast belt change
* Dust collection hood with 6" outlet is located adjacent to
abrasive head in sanding area
* Emergency stops from almost any point
* Noise level bellows 82 dba
* Operation manual, control tags, danger signs, and warning
labels in English on machine
* 208/230V, 3-Phase ( 440/460V is available )
* One year Industrial Warranty for parts

Prices are for 208-230 VOLTS
Total amps 120 @ 230/3/60

CAUTION: If fire hazardous materials, such as aluminum,
titanium, magnesium, etc., are to be processed, a dust
collection system that conforms to National Fire Protection
Association (NFPA) should be used.

OPTIONAL: WET DUST COLLECTORS use a water filled tank
through which all grinding dust is pulled by a motor driven
impeller fan. Particles sink to the base of the tank where
they can easily be removed by raking into a provided
container. Normal tap water is used, there are not filter
bags to be changed. Water level is automatically
controlled when unit is connected to a water supply. All
units are equipped with explosion relief door and sound

Model WDC-FP52 Wet Dust Collector # WDC-FP52, 5HP,
Heavy Duty Ducting Package # HDDP-5285.....$975.00
Service Engineer for Start-Up and On-site Training $POR Plus
travel expenses

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