14", CLAUSING TURNING CENTER, Fagor 8055i TC Control, MODEL#MC-1430 **NEW**   Our stock number: 7604

14 , CLAUSING TURNING CENTER, Fagor 8055i TC Control, MODEL#MC-1430 **NEW**

Model: MC-1430
Swing over Bed: 14.17"
Swing over Cross Slide: 7.48"
Center Height: 7.08"
Swing Over Carriage: 11.81"
Distance Between Centers: 30"

CNC Control: Fagor 8055i TC

Cross slide width: 7"
Type of cross slide ways: Dovetail
Bed width: 9.8"
Type of bed ways: V and flat way
Spindle nose: D1-5
Spindle bore: 1.65"
Spindle Bearing O.D.: 4.3" & 3.9"

Main Spindle Taper: 4MT
Spindle Speeds - Variable: 0 - 4000 RPM
Spindle drive: Variable AC
Spindle motor (Cont/15 min): 10/15 Hp
Min spindle speed for full power: 500 RPM

Axes Working Feed Rate X and Z: 275.5 IPM
X and Z-axis rapid traverse: 393.7 IPM
X-axis ballscrew pitch: 5mm
Z-axis ballscrew pitch: 10mm
X-axis ballscrew diameter: .78"
Z-axis ballscrew diameter: 1.49"
Cross Slide travel: 7.6"
Positioning accuracy: .0002"
Repeatability: .0001"

Turret Tooling type Square Block
Number of stations: 8
Tailstock Tailstock quill diameter: 2.28"
Tailstock quill taper: 4MT
Tailstock quill stroke: 7"

Space & Machine Dimensions: 82." x 50" x 67"
Weight Machine net weight: 2,866 lbs.
Tailstock door open adds to length: 20.5"

* Fagor 8055i TC Control Package offering great value and
reliability with many standard features to simplify
operation and increase productivity.
* USB Drive Port for fast and reliable program uploads and
* Ethernet Communication Port allows for easy networking and
part program transfers.
* Hardened & Ground (43-47 Rockwell C) slides and guide ways
for the carriage and bed assure a long life and allow high
speed displacement.
* Rigid Main Spindle with high precision angular contact
bearings, which have been pre-loaded and greased for their
working life, guarantees extremely accurate turning.
* Center Driven Spindle drive belt runs between front & rear
spindle bearings reducing spindle vibration and evenly
spreads motor torque over the spindle bearings.
* Variable AC Spindle Drive Motor 15/10hp (15hp 15min/10hp
continuous) power offers exceptional machining power.
Control Rides On A Rail so the control can be positioned for
maximum operator convenience.
* MPG Handwheels are fitted to allow for easy manual
* Auto Lubrication maintains proper lubrication to all
critical machine components.
* Built in Coolant System w/pump, switch, & flexible coolant
nozzle giving the operator full control over tool cooling.
* Precision Hardened and Ground Ballscrews for smooth
positioning and accuracy.
* Interlocking Doors for safety and a clean work
* 8 Station Power Turret for more tool flexibility and
automatic tool changes.
* Constant Surface Speed for increased tool performance and
more consistent part finishes.

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