150 Ton, HACO, No. SYNCHROMASTER SRM 150-12-10 CNC **NEW**

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Reference Number: 1869

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description


Tonnage:   150 Tons
Capacity:   150 Tons
Overall bending length:   144"
Clear distance between housings:   124"
Maximum stroke (programmable):   7.8"
Throat:   9.8"
Open height:   15.7"
Electric motor:   20 HP
Voltage:   220/440VAC
Rapid approach speed:   236"/min
Maximum press speed:   24"/min
Rapid return speed:   236"/min
Length:   162"
Overall height:   101"
Front/back:   67"
Weight:   19,400 lbs

The HACO "SYNCHROMASTER" press brake described in this quote

has all the functions and precision of a high-end CNC press

brake, but uses a very simple and easy to program CNC

control, made in house by HACO.

HACO-ATLANTIC, Inc., member of HACO International, builds

SAFE machines conforming to ANSI B11.3 "American National

Standard for machine tools -power press brakes- safety

requirements for construction, care and use."  We deliver

our machine with a safety handbook, as well as interfacing

capabilities for owner installed safety devices.  Due to the

multiple purposes of a press brake, point of operation

guards should be installed by the purchaser in accordance

with Federal Safety Requirements.

Bringing the "Synchromaster" in your shop, means improving

your bending production and bending precision. The

"Synchromaster" press brake is a very user friendly and

versatile machine and comes standard with the HACO ATS550

CNC controller.

Your company will gain customer confidence resulting from

the ACCURACY the HACO Press Brake offers you.  Our

synchronized bed referenced linear scale design guarantees

bending accuracy only limited to material differences or

tooling inaccuracies.

Most importantly, your machine will be DEPENDABLE.  The

machine is built with top quality components and

craftsmanship of very dedicated and experienced press brake


We are confident that a decision to purchase a SYNCHROMASTER

Series Press Brake will be one of your company's wisest

business decisions.
The frame of the machine is built with rugged high quality

steel plates, interlocked and welded for maximum strength

and minimum deflection.  All frames are stress relieved

after welding to ensure near perfect surfaces, which will

result in more accurate bending.  The welded construction

also resists torque twist that is sometimes found in bolt-

together designs.

The machine does not require a concrete pit or any special

foundation. Forces can be requested from our office to check

if your existing concrete slab will do.

The SYNCHROMASTER press brake uses separate thick steel

plates for ram and bed of this machine. The ram has more

tool clamping plates and bolts than most of our competitors. 

By offering more tool clamps, we ensure a safe and secure

clamping of small tool segments. The bed is a very important

part of the machine, and is integrated in the total frame

structure design. We machine the bed together with ram and

cylinder positions, all in one setup to ensure perfect

alignment between ram, bed and frame for guaranteed


The bed has a removable table, which can be re-machined in

the event of accidental overload damage or wear from the

tooling.  Our service engineer can crown the table for

longer parts, but we do recommend purchasing our adjustable

crowning table. A full-length die slot is machined in the

table and has set screws over the full length of the table

to clamp the die holder.

The side frames of the brake come with large throat gaps to

clear working space. Bigger side frame gaps can be requested

for a more price.

The SYNCHROMASTER comes standard with American style tool

holders.  European (Amadar) style tool holders with built-in

wedge system can be installed as an option as well as

hydraulic upper tool clamping.

The use of non-metallic gibs prevents galling of the bearing

surfaces and permits minimum clearances for accurate ram

The control box of the machine is connected to a rotating

pendant arm. The keyboard of the controller uses an

industrial foil cover, resistant to oil, grease and dirt.

The cylinders are manufactured by HACO, and use Parker

Polypac and wiper seals.  Most hydraulic valves are

connected to a manifold block to minimize the amount of

hoses and pipes to prevent hydraulic leaks over time.  The

hydraulics are located on top of the machine, free from

parts and dirt. The hydraulic design is easy to service and

the machine comes with a full hydraulic fluid tank.  The

hydraulics on the SYNCHROMASTER are simple, yet accurate and

most important dependable.  The system has a built-in safety

relief valve.  If an attempt is made to bend material over

the capacity of the press brake, the machine will

automatically open the safety relief valves to release

pressure and prevent machine overloads.
Most hydraulic and electric components are standard

industrial/commercial grade, off-the shelf items from major

manufacturers such as Parkerr, Vickersr or Rexrothr

hydraulics and Telemecaniquer or ABBr electrics.

Remote foot switch with hand grab, dual foot pedals for ram

control. Second foot pedal and two-hand control are offered

as an option.

This machine comes standard with the HACO ATS560 three axis


The ATS560 is an easy to program, low cost control for metal

fabricators in need of a very easy-to-use but efficient CNC

The optional ATS570 CNC control has the same functions as

the standard ATS560 control but uses a nice 9" monochrome

LCD display with backlight.  This will make programming

easier for the operator because there is a machine/user

dialogue software with pre-programmed text lines

 Specifications ATS560 3 axes CNC control with 9" monochrome

LCD display Depth programming or pressure programming 400

steps memory divided over 200 programs maximum
 Fully programmable ram stroke: TDC, speed change point,

depth Depth accuracy 0.0004" Programmable ram tilt positive

and negative direction (left/right) Programmable backgauge

0.004" accuracy Ram jog mode with accept function

Programmable pressure
 Semi automatic die & clamp point setup Automatic

referencing (homing) of ram and backgauge

The machine comes standard with a 31" single axis, high-

speed backgauge (X-axis). The standard back gauge has the

following features:

- The X-axis comes standard with programmable position

(0.004" accuracy) and manually adjustable finger height and

finger width.

- The motor uses an optical encoder to ensure a very high

positioning accuracy.
- A steel dovetail gauge bar spans the distance between side

frames, allowing the finger blocks to be positioned and

fastened along the
full length of this bar.

- Two gauge finger blocks are manually adjustable in height

(3.937") adjustable in height (3.937") to accommodate

different V-die heights.  An elevating screw, adjustable by

hand wheel, provides accurate height positioning.  

- Over travel of the backstop is avoided by the use of limit

switches and software limits in the CNC control.

- Back gauge X-axis automatically references at the initial

startup (home position).

- Retraction of the backgauge for Z-bending is fully


- Machine can be wired for 220 or 440V, 3 phase, 60Hz
- A full tank of hydraulic oil and service tools included.
- One safety, operator and service manual included.
- One year warranty on spare parts and labor, except

tooling.  Warranty shall be considered void if the machine

is not used in a normal and proper manner, not properly

maintained, or modified for any special use.  No other

warranty is either expressed or implied by HACO-ATLANTIC,

Inc. or any of its representatives.  For the sake of its

expediency involving a minor failure, HACO-ATLANTIC, Inc. 

may at its option allow the user to purchase a needed part

locally for which he will be reimbursed upon return of the

defective part.

**Installation, start up and training are included. 

Filler block 12' L x 3-1/4" H x 3" W   $1,800.00

Manual adjustable crowning table   *$7,090.00

System style quick manual top clamping & manual bottom

clamping   $5,190.00
(to accept Amada style tooling)

More price for hydraulic System style top clamping$9,930.00

29" front support arm with 2 T-slots and 1 tilting stop


Additional tilting stop for front support arm   $65.00/each

Additional tilt stop w/micrometer adjust for front support

arm   $210.00/ea 
Adjustable front support system includes:   *$10,500.00
  - two 29" front support arms with 2 T-slots and 1 tilting

  - manually adjustable in width along full length of the

  - manually adjustable in height with hand wheel

Extra front support for above front support system


T-slot in bed, price per side   *$1,070.00

Second foot pedal in series with standard pedal$1,130.00

Emergency stop button in specified location   $295.00

Two hand control  *$3,500.00

18" Triad Superlight V, Infrared light curtain system

   Model TR-18-4F-15 - _" spaced light beam
  - one beam floating blank capacity

Triad swing mount brackets, model 9000, price per pair


Atlantic fixed mount brackets, price per pair   $750.00

Extra operator's manual   $70.00

* indicates factory installation only

More price for 39" back gauge in lieu of standard 31"


More price for extra finger block   *$1,000.00

More price for (2) tiltable fingers in lieu of std.*$440.00

This list only shows the most common options, please contact

us for information on additional options.  Prices of

optional equipment are valid only if ordered with the

machine.  For separate orders, please contact us.  
* indicates factory installation only

Payment Terms: 20% with order, 80% upon installation.

FOB: HACO-ATLANTIC warehouse, Houston  TX

Delivery Terms:  stock, subject to prior sale.

Validity of Offer: 90 days from November 6, 2002.