150 Ton, HACO-ATLANTIC, No. EUROMASTER ERM 150-12-10 **NEW**

Reference Number: 1870

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description


Tonnage:   150 Tons
Capacity:   150 Tons
Overall bending length:   144"
Clear distance between housings:   124"
Maximum stroke (programmable):   7.8"
Throat:   9.8"
Open height:   15.7"
Electric motor:   20 HP
Voltage:   220/440VAC
Rapid approach speed:   236"/min
Maximum press speed (programmable):   24"/min
Rapid return speed:   236"/min
Length:   162"
Overall height:   101"
Front/back:   67"
Weight:   19,400 lbs.

The HACO "EUROMASTER" Press Brake quoted belongs to a new

generation of steel fabricating equipment with several

standard features which will provide your company with safe,

accurate, dependable and high productive use which can put

your company one step ahead of your competition.

HACO-ATLANTIC, Inc., member of the HACO International Group,

builds SAFE machines conforming to ANSI B11.3 "American

National Standard for machine tools -power press brakes-

safety requirements for construction, care and use."  We

deliver our machine with a safety handbook, as well as

interfacing capabilities for owner installed safety devices. 

Due to the multiple purposes of a press brake, point of

operation guards should be installed by the purchaser in

accordance with Federal Safety Requirements.

PRODUCTIVITY will be increased by installing a HACO

"EUROMASTER" Press Brake due to the versatility and easy

operation of the machine.  The press brake comes standard

with a BC50 control.

Your company will gain customer confidence resulting from

the ACCURACY the HACO Press Brake gives you.  Our

synchronized bed referenced linear scale design guarantees

bending accuracy only limited to material differences or

tooling inaccuracies.

Most importantly, your machine will be DEPENDABLE.  The

machine is built with top quality components.

We are confident that a decision to purchase an ERM Series

Press Brake will be one of your company's wisest business


Rugged all steel interlocked and welded construction for

maximum strength and minimum deflection.  All frames are

stress relieved after welding to provide as near perfect

surfaces as possible, which in turn results in better bends. 

The all-welded construction also resists torque twist that

is sometimes found in bolt-together designs.

Flush floor mount.  No pit or special foundation required.  

Precision bed and ram.  ERM press brakes use single, deep-

sectioned plates for the bed and ram.  The ram is fitted

with more punch clamping plates and bolts than is commonly

found on other machines.  This enables the operator to

easily and securely clamp small tooling segments if he is

not using one long punch.  The bed is an integral part of

the machine frame and is machined in one set up in

conjunction with the ram ways and cylinder mounts.  This

insures positive alignment relationships between the ram,

bed and frame for guaranteed accuracy.

The bed has a removable table and can be re-machined in the

event of accidental overload damage or eventual wear from

the tooling.  Crowning to suit your application is done by

our service engineer upon installation of the machine.  The

amount of crown can easily be changed if necessary. Manual

or CNC controlled crowning tables are offered as an option.

Full length die slot in removable table with set screws.

Large throat gaps in side frames and an unusually clear

working space.

Machine comes standard with American style tool holders. 

European (Amadar) style tool holders with built-in wedge

system can be installed as an option as well as hydraulic

upper tool clamping.

The use of non-metallic gibs prevents galling of the bearing

surfaces and permits minimum clearances for accurate ram


Rotating pendant mounted control.

The cylinders are manufactured by HACO, they used Parker

Polypac and wiper seals.  All hydraulic components are

mounted on top of the machine free from debris and dirt. 

The hydraulic design is easy to service and the machine

comes complete with hydraulic fluid.  The hydraulics on the

"EUROMASTER are simply, yet accurate and most importantly

dependable.  The system has a built-in safety relief valve. 

If an attempt is made to bend material incapable of being

bent, the machine will automatically open the safety relief

valves to release pressure and prevent machine overloads.
Wandering foot pedal with handgrab, dual foot pedals for ram

control. Second foot pedal and two- hand control are offered

as an option.

This machine comes standard with our BC50 control.  Other

controls are offered as an option.  All controls include:

*Bed Referenced Dual Linear Scales
Ram parallelism and depth on the "EUROMASTER" is maintained

by a dual system, which insures extreme accuracy.  The

linear scales are mounted to the machine on both ends of the

bed.  With bed referencing the bend is not affected by

differences on tonnage loading or machine side frame

deflection.  Ram positioning is referenced from a dedicated

zero or reference point on each linear scale, allowing quick

set up of repeat jobs.  The zero point of each program (=

nose of punch clamping material on top of die) is

automatically offset to the machine's reference point.  This

way, you only have to take reference at start up and not for

each program or application.

*Proportional Valves  
Proportional valves control the flow to both cylinders

independently.  The microprocessor controls the proportional

valves according to the position of the linear scales at a

rate of 60 times per second, thus not only maintaining

parallelity but also controlling bending speeds through a

complete stroke.  The use of these electronic valves reduces

problems with unclean oil drastically.  However, we still

use 10  full filtration on both high-pressure supply line

and oil breather.

*Ram Tilt  
The combination of the linear scales with the proportional

valves makes it possible to tilt the ram in both directions. 

The maximum tilt is limited for mechanical reasons to "

over 10'.  Ram tilt is necessary to adjust the ram to

various die characteristics and for fade out work.

*Tonnage Control
Tonnage is automatically supplied up to and limited to a

tonnage calculated by the control.  This system is energy

saving and extends the life of the machine and tooling.  The

operator can also choose to manually adjust the tonnage

between 25 and 100% of the maximum tonnage of the machine.

*Ram Control
All ram motions- top stop, rapid approach speed, speed

change point, bending speed, ram or angle depth, ram tilt,

manual or automatic return, dwell time at the bottom of the

stroke- are programmable in each program.  In addition, the

following can be programmed in the machine parameters: dwell

time on speed change, dwell time on bottom, decompression

before upwards ram  movement, dwell at top before next


The machine comes standard with an X-axis.  Additional back

gauge axes are optional. The standard back gauge has the

following features:

- The X-axis comes standard with programmable position and

manually adjustable finger height, finger width and finger


- The back gauge has 2 lead screws, one on each side of the

back stop.  The two arms, which have the lead screws in them

are equipped with linear bearings to guide the back stop. 

The two lead screws are high precision ball screws with a re-

circulating ball nut on it.  This offers us a very high

precision and a very smooth acceleration of the back stop. 

- A steel dovetail gauge bar spans the distance between side

frames, allowing gauge fingers to be positioned manually

along its length.

- Two gauge fingers are manually adjustable (3" in height)

to accommodate different V-die heights.  An elevating screw,

adjustable with by a hand wheel, provides accurate height

positioning.  The gauge fingers are spring loaded to absorb

shocks.  The gauge fingers can easily be manually fine-

tuned or indexed in both directions.

- We use a fast DC servo driven backstop on our machines. 

The motor is located underneath the lead screw and uses an

optical encoder to ensure a very high positioning accuracy.

- Over travel of the backstop is avoid by the use of two

limit switches and the CNC control.

- The positioning accuracy = +/- 0.004" and repeatability  =

+/- 0.002"  

- Back gauge X-axis automatically references at the initial


- The standard travel is 23.6"

- An offset of maximum 20" is programmable to allow for use

of different gauge fingers and/or off-center tooling

- Retraction is fully programmable both in type (wait, no

wait) and distance.

- We offer the following options, for pricing please see

Optional equipment
  A. (3) three position programmable pneumatic finger height
  B. Additional travel to 39"
  C. R & Z axis

- Machine can be wired for 220 or 440V, 3 phase, 60Hz
- A full tank of hydraulic oil and service tools included.
- One safety, operator and service manual included.
- One year warranty on spare parts and labor, except

tooling.  Warranty shall be considered void if the machine

is not used in a normal and proper manner, not properly

maintained, or modified for any special use.  No other

warranty is either expressed or implied by HACO-ATLANTIC,

Inc. or any of its representatives.  For the sake of its

expediency involving a minor failure, HACO-ATLANTIC, Inc. 

may at its option allow the user to purchase a needed part

locally for which he will be reimbursed upon return of the

defective part.

**Installation, start up and training are included. 

Filler block 12' L x 3 " H x 3" W  $1,800.00
System style quick manual top clamping & manual bottom

clamping  $5,190.00
   (to accept Amada Style tooling)
More price for hydraulic system top clamping  $10,890.00
29" front support arm with 2 T-slots and 1 tilting stop

Additional tilting stop for front support arm  $65.00/ea
Additional tilting stop w/micrometer adjust for front supp

arm  $210.00/ea
Adjustable front support system includes:  *$11,000.00
  - two 29" front support arms with 2 T-slots and 1 tilting

stop - manually adjustable in width along full length of the

machine - manually adjustable in height with hand wheel

Extra front support for above front support system

Hydraulic sheet following system w/adjustment following

speed  *$26,200.00
as a function of the V-opening includes:
  - guides, hydraulics 
  - additional one axis control
  - two sheet following arms
Extra sheet following arm for above sheet following system

T-slot in bed, price per side  *$1,070.00
Second foot pedal in series with standard pedal  $1,130.00
Emergency stop button in specified location  $295.00

* indicates factory installation only


Manual adjustable crowning table  *$7,090.00
- mounted on top of the bed instead of standard table - no

loss of daylight opening
   - maximum deflection +/- 0.080"  

CNC controlled crowning table  *$12,340.00
- mounted on top of the bed instead of standard table - no

loss of daylight opening
   - maximum deflection +/- 0.080"
   - crown is automatically calculated by the CNC control -

crown can be programmed in % of maximum crown 
Two hand control *$3,500.00

18" Triad Superlight V, Infrared light curtain system

   Model TR18-4F-15 - _" spaced light beam
- one beam floating blank capacity

Triad swing mount brackets, Model 9000, price per pair


Atlantic fixed mount brackets, price per pair  $750.00

Extra operator's manual  $70.00

* indicates factory installation only


Back Gauge Configuration  # 1 (1 axis back gauge) *
R-axis pneumatic finger height  *$1,680.00
   - 3 height positions: +0.39", 0, -0.39"
   - additional manual finger height adjustment 3"
   - includes 2 pneumatic finger blocks

Back Gauge Configuration  # 2 (3 axes back gauge) *
X-R-Z-Z'  $17,480.00
   - symmetric finger depth (X): 23.6" travel (motorized) -

symmetric finger height (R): 3.9" travel (motorized) -

symmetric finger width (Z-Z') (motorized) 
   - more price for 39.5" X-axis travel  *$2,490.00

Back Gauge Configuration  # 3 (4 axes back gauge) *
X-R-Z1-Z2  $24,530.00
   - symmetric finger depth (X): 23.6" travel (motorized) -

symmetric finger height (R): 3.9" travel (motorized) -

independent finger width (Z1-Z2) (motorized)

   - more price for 39.5" X-axis travel  *$2,490.00

Back Gauge Configuration  # 4 (6 axes back gauge) *
X1-X2-R1-R2-Z1-Z2  $41,390.00
   - independent finger depth (X1-X2): 23.6" travel

(motorized) - independent finger height (R1-R2): 3.9" travel

(motorized) - independent finger width (Z1-Z2) (motorized) 
   - more price for 39.5" X1/X2 axis travel  *$3,000.00 

This list only shows the most common options, please contact

us for information on additional options.  Prices of

optional equipment are valid only if ordered with the

machine.  For separate orders, please contact us.

* indicates factory installation only


The BC55 Graphics is a control with standard 3 axes Y1-Y2-X. 

The BC55 Graphics control offers the customer an economic

and easy to operate system, although features very powerful

and versatile programming possibilities.  We are able to

control up to 8 DC servo or AC motor drivers.  The control

is delivered with preprogrammed press brake & tooling

geometry.  After graphic programming of the work piece, the

system automatically calculates the bending sequence and the

corresponding program, including all machine adjustments

such as back gauge positions, tonnage, ram depth, etc.  It

also calculates the necessary stretched length of the work

piece.  The bending process can be simulated on the graphic

display, both during programming and production.  Data

transfer through communication with a PC is possible via its

RS232 interface off-line programming through a DNC link with

our simulation software becomes very attractive with this



- Pendant mounted display and keyboard  
- 14 " color CRT screen
- 3 " disk drive
- ram storage capacity of 10,000 programs, 167 punches, 167

dies, 30 materials
- self diagnostics

- alphanumeric identification of program up to 7 characters
- program information: program number, name, material ,

drawing number, customer name, etc..
- programmable repetition of each program step
- maximum 24 steps per program
- selection between manual or automatic running of a program 
- two dimensional graphic programming of work pieces,

punches & dies, press brake geometry
- automatic bending sequence calculation
- automatic program generation including back gauge

positions, ram depth, tonnage requirement, back gauge

retraction, crowning (if applicable).
- alternative manual override or generation of programs
- graphic simulation of the bending sequence during

programming & production.

More price for BC55 Graphics Control$7,070.00
   (Instead of standard BC50 control) BC55 graphic

simulation software to run offline programngIncluded

DNC link interface board for offline program

   (excludes physical line between PC and control)

Payment Terms: 20% with order, 80% upon installation.

FOB: HACO-ATLANTIC warehouse, Houston  TX.

Delivery Terms:  Apprx 14-16 weeks after receipt of order

Validity of Offer: 90 days from November 6, 2002.