14 Ga. x 10', TENNSMITH, APRON BRAKE, MODEL#HB121-14 **NEW**

Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 2093

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

Model:  HB121-14
Capacity, Mild Steel:  14 gauge
Bending Length:  121"
Max Lift of Beam:  2-1/4"
Front to Rear Beam Adjustment:  1/2"
Min Reverse Bend:  1/4"
Min Flange @ Max Capacity:  1"
Dimensions, Counterweights in place:  162"L x 54"W x 63-
Shipping Weight:  3250 lbs

TENNSMITH heavy-duty hand brakes are designed and built for
long service and accurate bending. Welded steel plate
construction and heavy truss rods and braces provide
strength and durability. With much more substantial steel
side plates than other domestically made units, these brakes
have the rigidty required for upper leaf adjustment without
the use of wrenches. Equipped with thrust bearings, the
upper leaf adjustment screws permit quick, accurate
alignment for different material thicknesses or radii. 

* Leveling screws and lock nuts on the pedestal
* Lock screws and tensioner bolts on the apron
* Truss rods on the apron, base and upper leaf
* Fully adjustable counter balances to facilitate the
bending process
* Removable apron angle and insert permit 1/4" reverse
bends in lighter material.
* Bored in-line to ensure perfect alignment, the pivot
points are fitted with oil impregnated bearings. The hinge
pins are high-tensile, alloy steel.
* Ductile steel clamp handles, heavy yokes, grease fittings,
and an apron stop rod complement the many other fine
features of these heavy-duty brakes.

100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!