150 Ton, HACO-ATLANTIC HDE 150-14-12,

Reference Number: 4411

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Tonnage:   150 Tons
Capacity:   150 Tons
Overall bending length:   168"
Clear distance between housings:   147"
Stroke (adjustable):   4.7" 
Throat:   9.8"
Open height:   12.8"
Electric motor:   15 HP
Voltage:   220/440VAC
Rapid approach speed:   165"/min
Maximum press speed:   18"/min
Rapid return speed:   165"/min 
Length:   176"
Overall height:   95"
Front/back:   61"
Weight:   22,900 lbs

CONTROL The HDE Press Brake comes standard with a movable

pendant control panel, mounted on the left side of the

machine. The control panel includes:
- key switch - machine on-off and safe run indicator light  
- motor on-off push buttons
- manual down/manual return or manual down/automatic return

- power depth stop adjustment push buttons

- Ram depth position is displayed on a digital counter read

out on front of the machine

- Tonnage limiting control is standard so the operator can

run the machine at the required tonnage rather than at full

load to extend the lifetime of the machine and to prevent

from damaging the tooling.

- Tonnage indicator is standard to monitor bending load

-Three speed operation: fast approach, slow bending, fast

return.  Top stop and speed change locations are variably by

adjustable cams on the left hand side of the machine.

-Electrical foot pedal control


Filler block 14' L x 3 " H x 3" W $  2,370.00

Motorised front operated back gauge *$  5,520.00
More price for 39" back gauge extension in lieu of standard

More price for extra finger block for back gauge

29" front support arm with 2 T-slots and 1 tilting stop


Additional tilting stop for front support arm $80.00/each

Additional tilting stop with micrometer adjustment for front

support arm
$230 each Extra microswitch for punching $390.00

T-slot in bed, price per side * $1,420.00

Second foot pedal in series with standard pedal $1,220.00

Extra emergency stop button in specified location $340.00

Electrical stroke counter $350.00

Two hand control *$3,800.00

18" Triad Superlight V, Model TR18-4F-15 Infrared light

curtain system $2,950.00 Triad swing mount brackets, model

9000, price per pair $995.00