Reference Number: 4778

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  Maxi
Fixed Angle:  90-Degree
Blade Length:  9.8"
Cutting Capacity:  .236" Mild Steel 60,000 psi
  .177" Stainless Steel 75,000 psi
Strokes per minute:  35
Motor:  5.5 HP, 220/440V, 3Ph, 60Hz
Work surface area:  28" x 36"
Working height:  35"
Overall dimensions:  36" x 37" x 44"
Approximate weight:  1760 lbs.
Oil Capacity:  16 Gallons

When you need more notching capacity, then look at our HACO
MAXI model.

This machine notches a fixed 90 degrees angle and has a
capacity of 0.236" (6mm) mild steel.

The MAXI model has a large working table with adjustable
stops and several scales machined into the table surface.

The blade clearance is set automatic and a jog mode jogs
down the blades. this unit is delivered with full oil tank
and blades installed.

*  Automatic blade gap adjustment
* (2) sheet positioning squares w/ calibrated protractors w/
plugmarks every 15 & extension sheet stop rods of 20"
* Self lubricating sliding guides
* Calibrated scales in inches set into machine table
* Large work table with double T-slots
* Internal depth stop
* (2) mechanical sheet holddowns
* Adjustable stroke control
* Blades to cut stainless steel (reversible positive -
* Transparent safety guards
* Remote electrical foot pedal command
* Hydraulic fluid & instruction manual

$340.00  Extra mechanical sheet holddown
$610.00  Extra positioning square w/protractor adjust 0-90
         includes plugmarks every 15 degrees