200 Ton, HACO 200-10-8

Reference Number: 4820

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Capacity:   200 tons
Bending Length:   122"
Between Housings:   102"
Approach Speed:   189 ipm
Press Speed:   21 ipm
Return Speed:   189 ipm
Stroke Length:   7.8"
Throat:   11.8"
Open Height:   17.7"
Motor:   20 hp 220/440 3ph
Weight:   22,100 ibs
Dimensions:   110 h x 132 l x 69 w

Filler Block   $2140
Motorized Backgauge   $5410

Ram parallel is guaranteed by a sturdy torsion bar which

connects both sides of the ram.
The bending accuracy is 0.0004" and we offer a motorized

backgauge on all machines. All machines use standard

American style tooling.
Both mechanical depth stops are integrated inside the

hydraulic cylinders.  This keeps the depth stops dust free

and well lubricated by the hydraulic oil.  We guarantee a

0.0004" bending accuracy with this system, perfectly suited

for air bending.

Most competitors offer systems which shut down the oilflow

to the piston when a micro switch is reached. These systems

are very sensitive to the temperature and viscosity of the

hydraulic fluid and will mostly only guarantee a 0.001"

bending precision. Not accurate enough for airbending.
The stroke length and speed change point can be set very

easy with an adjustable cam system on the side of the ram. 

The machines can be purchased with a manual or motorized