Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 4887

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

Model:  R-M55
Roll Adjustment:  Manual
Pipe Capacity:  Size: 2" (sch. 40) / Min. Dia.: 40"
Round Tube Capacity:  Size: 2.75" (.083") / Min. Dia.: 60"
Square Tube Capacity:  Size: 2" (.120") / Min. Dia.: 48"
Solid Round Capacity:  Size: 1.375" / Min. Dia.: 20"
Flat Bar Easy Way:  Size: 4" (.5") / Min. Dia.: 20"
Flat Bar Hard Way:  Size: 2.25" (.375") / Min. Dia.: 20"
Angle Iron Capacity:  Size: 2" (.250") / Min. Dia.: 28"
Shaft Diameter:  1.968"
Shaft Center Distance:  13.12"
Lower Roll Dia.:  5.827"
Pinch:  Single
Power:  220V Single Phase
Shipping Weight:  925 lbs.
Material Type:  All Specs based on 60,000 PSI (42 Kg/mm 2)
Tensile Strength - Mild Steel.


The R-M55 has been the flagship in the Baileigh Industrial
roll bender line since its introduction.   It has a 2"
Schedule 40 pipe capacity, which is impressive for a manual
top shaft two driven roll machine.  To achieve this type of
capacity, the R-M55 uses a variable speed inverter that is
overload protected, this allows the operator to fine tune
the rolling speed for each material.

The R-M55 is versatile and can be used in any fabrication
shop or even out in the field on job sites, it only requires
220 volts of single phase power to operate. Another option
is that it can be operated in both the vertical mode for
small rolling projects, as well as in the horizontal mode
for large rolling projects as there are feet on the bottom
and back of the machine.

The R-M55 ring roller comes standard with foot pedal
controls, segment rolls, and lateral roll guides to keep the
material from twisting during the bend.  The top roll
position is manually controlled with the use of a large
ratchet for more leverage and the position is indicated on a
scale for repeatable bends every time. Optional rolls can be
purchased for different profiles like tubing, pipe, angle
iron and much more.