Reference Number: 5432

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

MODEL:   1325

   mild steel up to 80,000 PSI with yield
   strengths at or below 50% of tensile
   strength for maximum capacity shown


Overall blade length:   160.69"
Throat depth (gap):   13"
Rake angle of upper blade:   1-1/3 degrees
Blade gap adjustment:   .002" - .0433"
Adjustable blade-beam stroke
Strokes per minute - full length:   15
Back gauge range:   40", swing-up type
Hydraulic holddowns:   22
Motor HP (at 440 volts):   12
Floor area:   185" L x 89" W x 69" H
Approximate weight:   19380 LBS.

Evolutionary swing-beam design

All steel frame, featuring boxtype welded construction of

the main frame and blade beam, with dimensions optimized by

computer assisted design to guarantee maximum rigidity. 

Accurate upper blade beam guiding system

Swivel-mounted hydraulic cylinders for maximum durability.  

Cylinder pistons are hard-chrome plated

Hydraulic unit located for convenient and easy access

High-pressure hydraulic holddowns with built-in pad.  The

holddowns operate with pressure proportional to the shearing

force, eliminating or reducing marking on light materials

while securely clamping heavy material

Low rake-angle of upper blade (minimizing distortion of

narrow cut-offs)

Rapid, single-point blade-clearance (blade-gap) adjustment


Easy blade re-setting

Slow-stroking device (inching) to check blade clearance

Easy adjustment of cutting length for shortening stroke when

desirable for cutting narrow materials. When the stroke is

shortened, the number of strokes per minute increases

The Adiramatic 2087 programmable multi-function N/C back

gauge with the following features:
* Positions back gauge to programmed size that is programmed

into the control
* Gives digital display of both actual positions and

programmed size.
* Displays both number of parts actually cut and programmed

to be cut
* Programmable in both inch and mm dimensions.
* Allows for programming the number of cuts and for the

machine to stop automatically after the desired number of

cuts is made. 

Choice of two back gauge speeds:
  1.18"/second using standard back gauge, or
  3.94"/second using optional ball screw gauge. 
  Accurate to .004"

* Memory capacity for 200 cuts distributed over 40programs
* Rugged/durable keyboard. 
* Deep gap (throat) to allow shearing of plates longer than

the length of the blades, using slitting technique
* Double-acting cylinders for return of blade beam
* Ball transfers in machine table
* Little maintenance required as there are very few moving

parts, the main ones being self-lubricated
* Rear bottom side of shear completely open for addition of

stacking and conveying devices
* Light beam shearing gauge
* Jack bolts in machine frame for blade adjustment after

sharpening, eliminating the need for shims
* Low voltage at the controls

Standard equipment:
-The complete hydraulic system with motor and controls
-The Adiramatic 2087 is a programmable multi-function N/C

back gauge 
-Rapid, single-point blade-clearance (blade-gap) adjustment

-Special shock-resistant blades suitable for cutting

quantities of mild steel and stainless steel to the

indicated capacities
-Hydraulic fluid
-Finger guard
-Left-hand squaring arm, 40", with scale in inches, fitted

with two squaring guides and one retractable stop
-Light-beam shearing gauge
-Hydraulic pump with three-year replacement warranty
-Electrics for 3/60/220 or 3/60/440.  Low voltage at the

-Key-lock switch for On/Off for the power supply.