Reference Number: 6751

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

Model:  BB-14418
Min Reverse Bend  .625"
Thickness (SS):  18 ga. (22 ga.)
Box Depth:  6"
Beam Adjustment:  1"
Bend Angle:  0 - 135
Finger Sizes:  3" - 4" - 5" - 6"
Power:  Manual
Shipping Weight:  5,390 lbs.
Length:  144"
Shipping Dimensions:  168" x 34" x 48"


The BB-14418 box and pan brake from Baileigh Industrial is a
great tool for those HVAC shops that need the extra length
for making custom duct work.  It has an overall bending
length of 12' and can bend 18gauge mild steel sheet metal at
the full length.  The BB-14418 will even handle 22gauge
stainless steel sheet metal for those exotic jobs that come
along.  The BB-14418 is built to the exact same standards as
the rest of the Baileigh Industrial sheet metal brakes which
allow for years of trouble free use.  The fully welded frame
on the BB-14418 allows for the big capacity without twisting
or misalignment that plagues many of the other sheet metal
brakes on the market.

31 interchangeable fingers of varying lengths are included
with the BB-14418 finger brake allowing the operator to make
just about any size box or pan imaginable up to a 6" box
depth.  Two large counter bending weights to help the
operator bend at full length are also part of the impressive
BB-14418 box and pan brake.