Reference Number: 7120

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

Model:  SH-5216A
Back Gauge Length:  24"
Shear Length:  52"
Thickness (SS):  16 ga. (20 ga.)
Working Height:  32"
Front Gauge Length:  24"
Blade Angle:  1
Power:  Pneumatic
Shipping Weight:  1400 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions:  75" x 33" x 55"


Baileigh Industrial's SH-5216A sheet metal air shear is the
perfect for any fabrication or HVAC shop where 16 gauge or
lighter material needs to be sheared. The SH-5216A air shear
has a capacity of 16 gauge mild steel and will cut up to 52"
wide sheet metal. The pneumatic system requires only
compressed air between 90 and 115 psi and no electrical
power to function. This powerful pneumatic shear can cut at
speeds of 20 strokes per minute when high production is

Our air shears are built of all steel plate that is fully
integrated and welded to last decades. It also uses high
chromium carbon blades for long life. These blades have
multiple cutting surfaces for extended life between re-
sharpening.  Front and back material supports as well as
side guides are also included. A manual back gauge that has
a hand wheel for quick adjustments is standard, and is
perfect for those larger runs where repeatability is