Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 7615

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  KTM-5VKF
Table Size:  12" x 50"
Table Travel (X-Axis):  33" (30" w/ cnc control)
Saddle Travel (Y-Axis):  16" (15" w/ cnc control)
Knee Travel (Z-Axis):  15.5"
T Slots:  -
X, Y Axes Feedrate:  -
X, Y Axes Rapid:  -
Z Axis Rapid:  -
Quill Travel:  5.5" (4" w/ MillPwr-3 CNC control)
Ram Travel:  26.75"
Spindle Motor:  5 HP (Inverter-duty)
Spindle Speed:  60-550-4500 RPM (60-6000* on HS head
Spindle Taper:  NMTB-40
Quill Diameter:  4.173"
Quill Feed Rate:  0.0017/0.0032/0.0054 ipr
Drilling Capacity (Manual):  1.25" Diameter
Drilling Capacity (Power):  0.625" Diameter
Boring Capacity:  8" Diameter
Milling Capacity:  2.5 in3/min
Maximum Work Load (Center):  850 LBS
Spindle Nose to Table Surface:  4" - 19.5"
Spindle Center to Column:  5.25" - 32"
Machine Net Weight:  3700 LBS
Shipping Weight:  4100 LBS
Shipping Dimension:  72" x 72"
Power Requirements:  220 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 17 Amp
(optional 440v, requires 8.5 Amp)Can run on single phase

* 5 HP AC-Freq drive head with digital RPM display and
analog load meter
* 60-550-4500 spindle RPM (Hi/Low gear). Automatic
spindle direction reversal when switching between high and
low speed gear ranges
* NMTB-40 spindle taper
* Automatic centralized lubrication system with
metered check-valves
* Single-phase or 3-phase power without the need for a
phase converter
* Hardened and Ground (Hrc-52) table surface and all
slide ways
* Solid box ways on saddle and column

Quick change tooling package (Mach-1)
NMTB-30 spindle
Flood coolant system (Built-in base)
Knee (Z-Axis) Power Feed
Air Power Drawbar
Flood Coolant System
Chip Tray
3-D Edge Finder
Knee Linear Encoder Feedback for Coupled Z-Axis Position
AMI with programmable M-functions