Reference Number: 7679

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  3VSCNC
Table Size:  9" x 49"
No. of T-slots:  3
T-slot Width:  .63"
T-slot Center Distance:  2.48"
Table Ways:  Dovetail
Knee Ways:  Dovetail
Column Ways:  Dovetail
X Longitudinal Travel:  30"
Y Cross Travel:  11.5"
Knee Travel:  16"
Ram Travel:  20.5"
Motor:  3 HP
Spindle Speeds:  Variable
Low range spindle speeds:  60-500, high range:  550-4300
Main Spindle Taper:  R8 or ISO-30
Spindle Travel:  5"
Quill Diameter:  3.38"
Column Turret Diameter:  14.9"
Knee Width:  11.8"
Column Bearing Length:  16.9"
Saddle/Table Bearing Length:  19.8"
Ram/Turret Bearing Length:  17.51"
Ram Length:  32.75"
Table Load:  700 lbs.
Net Weight:  2,250 lbs.

* A wide range of CNC Control options ACU-RITE MILLPWR,
Fagor 8055i MC, ANILAM 3000M and ANILAM 5000M
* Flexible operating modes: Manual operation with DRO,
Semi-automatic operation, and two or three axes full CNC
* Meehanite Castings for superior rigidity and wear
* Hardened and Ground X, Y, and Knee ways for superior
accuracy and wear resistance
* Turcite B applied to X, Y ways for wear resistance and
extend machine life
* Work areas up to 10" x 54" table size
* Ground T-Slots provide a reference edge for positioning
workpieces or fixtures
* Large travel range up to 33" X axis travel, 16" Y axis
travel, 17.7" knee travel and 5" quill travel
* Two Range Variable Speed Spindle: 60-500 rpm low range
and 550-4300 high range
* 3 Hp Spindle Motor for exceptional machining power
* Spindle Brake manually operated with auto power off
* ABEC 7/CP4 Spindle Bearings provide accuracy and smooth
operation for close tolerance machining
* Hardened and Ground Chrome Plated, Carbon Steel Quill
giving the quill wear resistance with close tolerances
between the quill and housing
* One Shot Lubrication maintains proper lubrication to all
critical machine components
* Built in Coolant System w/pump, switch, and flexible
coolant nozzle
* Precision Hardened and Ground Ballscrews for smooth
positioning and accuracy