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Reference Number: 8930

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

MODEL:  BB-7216M

Length:  6'
Thickness 16 gauge Mild Steel
           20 gauge Stainless Steel
Clamping Force 6 ton
Bend Angle 0 - 180
Max. Clamping Bar Lift Magnet Unlimited
Power 220V / 1-phase
Shipping Weight 792 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 87" x 44" x 15"

Following in the footsteps of Baileigh Industrial's BB-
4816M, is the BB-7216M magnetic box and pan brake.  The BB-
7216M carries over all the great features of the BB-4816M,
but in a length that is a little more user friendly.  The
BB-7216M has over 78 inches of bendable area, which will
allow the operator to get even more creative with the uses
for this sheet metal brake.

Operating on 220 volts, the BB-7216M uses a heady duty
magnet to clamp the material between itself and the bending
"clamp bar" or finger.  Because the BB-7216M sheet metal
brake uses a magnet to hold the material and "clamp bar" the
operator is not required to use the supplied bars.  This
opens up a world of possibilities and applications that are
just not possible with traditional box and pan brakes. 

Totally enclosed boxes, triangles, alternate bends on
varying planes, round items such as scrolling applications,
and much more are now possible.

Once you start using the BB-7216M magnetic box and pan brake
there will be no turning back.  It's one of the easiest box
and pan brakes to operate on the market.  To initiate a bend
on the BB-7216M magnetic brake simply put a piece of
material between the clamping bar to the depth required, hit
the foot pedal control that softly clamps the material,
allowing for any repositioning, once ready, lifting the leaf
arms engages full magnetic power (6 tons) holding the
material in place as the leaf arm makes the appropriate
bend.  One of the biggest advantages of this type of box and
pan brake is that the magnetic power of 6 tons is consistent
across the entire beam allowing for very crisp bends even in
the middle of the machine.