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Reference Number: 9788

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

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Cutting Capacity Round: 31.5" (800mm)
Cutting Capacity Rectangle: 39.3 x 31.5" (1000x800mm)
Band Saw Blade (L x W x Gage): 344 x 2-5/8 x 0.063"
    (8800x67x1.6 mm)
Band Speed: 52-275 fpm (16-85 mpm)
Band Drive: 15 hp (11.1kW)
Hydraulic Pump: 3 hp (2.2kW)
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 22.5 gal (85 L)
Coolant Pump: frac14; hp (0.2 kw)
Coolant Tank Capacity: 58 gal (220 L)
Material Pass Line Height: 28.3" (720 mm)
Machine Weight: 24251 lbs (11000 kg)
Dimensions W x L x H: 171.3 x 85 x 104.3"
     4350x2160x2650 mm)

The DC-800SA Semi-Automatic Continental SeriesT high
production, horizontal band saws by DoALL are designed for
cutting a wide range of metals on a production basis. While
DoALL semi-automatic saws do not offer an auto-indexing,
they do cut single pieces extremely efficiently. If you have
operations that do not require indexing, high production or
automatic cutting cycles, an affordable DoALL semi-automatic
saws is the perfect choice. Once you have set your desired
feed rate, blade speed and initial vise opening, a cut is
complete, the band shuts off and the head returns to the
upright open position and locks. Then the operator must
manually reposition the material for another cut.

- Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) control for all
      electric and hydraulic functions
- Multi-step full stroke vises with split front vise and
      variable vise pressure control
- Spring loaded, zero clearance, coolant through, carbide
      faced saw guide with lead-in rollers
- Power driven, coolant flushed, blade cleaning wire brush
- Flushing hose and auxiliary coolant nozzles
- Hydraulic blade tension
- Automatic chip conveyor
- Blade breakage/stall motion detector shut off switch
- Band door interlocks
- Work light
- One 6.5 foot (2 meter) gravity conveyor
- Tool kit
- Complimentary DoALL Cutting Fluids package
- One DoALL bi-metal saw blade
- Instruction and parts manuals on CD or USB data stick