6" x 89" NORSE EDGE SANDER, MODEL 9681118, **NEW**

Reference Number: 10160

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

MODEL:  9681118
DIMENSIONS:  51"L X 26.5"W X 44"H

6" x 89" Edge Sander

The Norse edge sanders help provide the perfect finish to
long edge applications such as doors, cabinet doors, picture
frames and molding. The sanding belt can be tilted from 0
to 90 with a simple lever adjustment. The table adjusts up
and down to utilize the entire sanding belt width. A special
table is included for sanding radial edges using the sanding
belt drive drum.

6" x 89" Abrasive Belt, Extension table used for radius
sanding adjusts up and down to use the entire width of the
belt, Adjustable fence included for horizontal sanding
support, Miter Gauge included