Reference Number: 10450

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

MODEL:  7250

The PowerPinner 7250 Welder is a solid state resistance

welder designed specifically for welding a resistance weld

pin to galvanized sheet metal ductwork and insulation. With

this benchtop welding array, set up shop on any stable

surface and fasten insulation with high quality welds. Rely

on the strong and durable welding unit that can stand up to

a variety of jobs including 3inch liner.

Features Include:
Solid State Time & Weld Relay

Assures high quality welds each and every time.
High Capacity Transformer

Allows for continuous use for jobs of any size, including 3"

Weld Rate

15-20 pins per minute continuously. Faster rates are

possible based on the operator.

Gun - 15 feet, #4/0 weld cable adn #16/3 control cable.
Ground - 5 feet, #4/0 weld cable terminating in a spring

loaded, copper alloy clamp.

Welding 1/2" - 4" weld pins to 26 - 16 gauge sheet metal.