Reference Number: 10717

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

Model:  KTM-3VSF Freq Drive

Table size:  9" x 49" 
Table travel:  (X-axis) 35" 
Saddle travel:  (Y-axis) 12"
Knee travel (Z-axis):  15"
Quill travel:  5"
Ram travel:  14.5"
Spindle motor:  3 HP (1750 rpm @ 60 Hz)
60-550-4500 (3VSF AC-Freq drive)
Spindle taper:  R-8 
Quill diameter:  3.375"
Quill feed rate:  0.0015/0.003/0.006" per rev
Drilling capacity:  (manual) 0.75" diameter
Drilling capacity:  (power) 0.37" diameter
Boring capacity:  6.0" diameter
Milling capacity:  2.0 in/min
Maximum work load (center):  750 lbs
Machine Net weight:  2500 for 3VSF) 

* 3 HP spindle motor, variable speed head, 3VSF 
model with AC-Frequency drive, digital RPM 
display, load meter, and automatic spindle direction 
reversal for low speed gear range 
* Table, saddle, and knee with hardened and ground 
dovetail ways 
* Precision ground leadscrews with backlash 
compensating double nut 
* Precision bored and ground milling head, with super 
precision ABEC-7 bearings 
* Meehaniter casting, with built in coolant reservoir in 
machine base 
* Centralized one-shot lubrication, with metered 
* 3VSF models require 220v, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 10 Amp (optional
440v power requires 5 Amp) but can also
accept 220v, 1-phase power (15A) without a phase converter,
ideal for customers with only 1-phase power.