HOT SEALER, TEW Direct Heat Sealer, 8" x 15mm, 110 volt, Model#THS-200, Used

Reference Number: 10866

Condition: Used

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Full Product Description


Direct Heat Sealer (THS Series) - 8" x 15mm 
The sealer gives a 15mm wide meshed seal.

TEW THS-Series Direct Heat sealers seal many different types
of thermoplastic materials including:  coated aluminum foil,

Kraft paper, cellophane, polypropylene, poly-nylon, and
other thicker materials.  This machine is ideal for coffee

The THS direct heat sealer can seal material up to 20mil in
total thickness.  Unit is equipped with a thermostat that
accurately controls the temperature from 0F to 550F (0-
300C).  Both jaws are heated simultaneously for better heat
penetration to seal thicker materials.  The sealers include
an adjustable worktable.  The pedestal stand is 26"