Reference Number: 11187

Condition: Used

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Full Product Description

(Specs & Info from DD brochure)
Model:  PLS
Type:  Automatic
Size:  Cradle Accomodates Up To 60" Width
   40" Diameter Roll
Oil Bath Reducer:  With 25:1 Ratio
Motor:  1/3 HP
Approx. Dimensions:  99" X 37" X 58"
Approx. Weight:  700 lbs.
Electrical Requirements:  110 Volt, 15 AMP
Air Requirements:  80 P.S.I.
* Insulation from 1/2" to 2" thick is easily accomodated.

* Durable 6" rotary blades for cross cut and slitter.
* Insulation cradle designed to keep liner square.
* Micro switch interlocks on all guards for safety.
* Reliable pneumatic controls for pinch roller and cress

VERSATILITY:  The PLS comes standard with (1) crosscut blade
for cutting insulation to length and (1) slitting assembly
for cutting various widths. Additional slitters (up to four)
may be ordered at additional charge.

ACCURACY:  The PLS is built to maintain a tolerance of +/-
1/4" of adjusted length desired as well as slitting
accurately to desired lengths. 

EASE OF ADJUSTMENT:  Setting for both width and length are
made easily and quickly by the mechanic. All machine
functions are controlled by push buttons. Material handling
is minimized. 

HIGH PRODUCTION:  The PLS will slit material at the rate of
40 lineal feet per minute.  Where material is to be cut to
length as well, a full roll of insulation can be sized in
less than 5 minutes. 

SAFETY:  The PLS is designed with operator safety in mind. 
Guards and interlock switches minimize the possibility of
accidents caused through mechanic's error. 

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