165 Ton, HACO, HYDRAULIC, MODEL#HDE 165-12-10 **NEW**

Reference Number: 1874

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  HDE 165-12-10
Tonnage:  165 Tons
Capacity:  165 Tons
Overall bending length:  144"
Clear distance between housings:  124"
Stroke (adjustable):  4.7"
Throat:  9.8"
Open height:  12.8"
Electric motor:  15 HP
Voltage:  220/440VAC
Rapid approach speed:  165"/min
Maximum press speed:  18"/min
Rapid return speed:  165"/min
Length:  151"
Overall height:  89"
Front/back:  61"
Weight:  20,200 lbs

The Atlantic HDE Press Brake quoted belongs to a new
generation of steel fabricating equipment with several
standard features which will provide your company with safe,
accurate, dependable and high productive use which can put
your company one step ahead of your competition.

HACO-ATLANTIC, Inc., member of the HACO International Group,
builds SAFE machines conforming to ANSI B11.3 "American
National Standard for machine tools -power press brakes-
safety requirements for construction, care and use."  We
deliver our machine with a safety handbook, as well as
interfacing capabilities for owner installed safety devices. 
Due to the multiple purposes of a press brake, point of
operation guards should be installed by the purchaser in
accordance with Federal Safety Requirements.

PRODUCTIVITY will be increased by installing a Atlantic
Press Brake due to its versatility and easy operation of the
machine.  The press brake comes standard with multi-speed
operation, simple yet accurate high speed hydraulics with
easy set ups, and conveniently

Your company will gain customer confidence resulting from
the ACCURACY the Atlantic Press Brake gives you.  Our
internal mechanical stop system guarantees bending accuracy
only limited to material differences or tooling inaccuracy. 
In addition to the mechanical stops, our deep sectioned bed
and ram insure minimal deflection, further adding to the
machines accuracy. 

Most importantly, your machine will be DEPENDABLE.  The
machine is built with top quality components.
We are confident that a decision to purchase an HDE Series
Press Brake will be one of your company's wisest business

Rugged all steel interlocked and welded construction for
maximum strength and minimum deflection.  All frames are
stress relieved after welding to provide as near perfect
surfaces as possible, which in turn results in better bends. 
The all-welded construction also resists torque twist that
is sometimes found in bolt-together designs.

Flush floor mount.  No pit or special foundation required.  

Precision bed and ram.  All HDE press brakes use single,
deep-sectioned plates for the bed and ram.  The ram is
fitted with more punch clamping plates and bolts than is
commonly found on other machines.  This enables the operator
to easily and securely clamp small tooling segments if he is
not using one long punch.  The bed is an integral part of
the machine frame and is machined in one set up in
conjunction with the ram ways and cylinder mounts.  This
insures positive alignment relationships between the ram,
bed and frame for guaranteed accuracy.

The bed has a removable table that can be re-machined in the
event of accidental overload damage or eventual wear from
the tooling.  Crowning to suit your application is done by
our service engineer upon installation of the machine.  The
amount of crown can easily be changed if necessary. Manual
or CNC controlled crowning tables are offered as an option.

Full length die slot in removable table with set screws.

Large throat gaps in side frames and unusually clear working

Machine comes standard with American style tool holders. 
System (Amadar) style tool holders with built-in wedge
system can be installed as an option as well as hydraulic
upper tool clamping for either style.

A torsion bar assures the equality of the beam during the
entire down stroke of the ram, even if off center or uneven
loading occurs.  The torsion bar is made of solid stock,
which is connected to both sides of the ram.  This system
has been proven to be the most efficient one.

The depth of the machine is controlled by two mechanical
adjustable stops, built inside the hydraulic cylinders. 
This guarantees a dirt-free and accurate repetition of the
depth control.

The ram is guided by precision ground ways and removable non-
metallic gibs.

The hydraulics are equipped with a safety relief system to
prevent overloads.  The hydraulic system is placed on top of
the machine free from debris and dirt and easy to service. 
The machine comes complete with hydraulic fluid.

Most hydraulic and electric components are standard
industrial/commercial grade, off-the shelf items from major
manufacturers such as Parkerr, Vickersr or Rexrothr
hydraulics and Telemecaniquer or ABBr electrics.

Wandering foot pedal with hand grab, dual foot pedals for
ram control.  Second foot pedal and two- hand control are
offered as an option.

The HDE  Press Brake comes standard with a movable pendant
control panel, mounted on the left side of the machine. The
control panel includes:
* key switch 
* machine on-off and safe run indicator light - motor on-off
push buttons
* manual down/manual return or manual down/automatic return
* power depth stop adjustment push buttons
* Ram depth position is displayed on a digital counter read
out on front of the machine
* Tonnage limiting control is standard so the operator can
run the the machine at the required tonnage rather than at
full load to extend the lifetime of the machine and to
prevent from damaging the tooling. 
* Tonnage indicator is standard to monitor bending load
* Three speed operation: fast approach, slow bending, fast
return.  Top stop and speed change locations are variable by
adjustable cams on the left hand side of the machine.
* Wandering foot pedal control, two pedal system

* Machine can be wired for 220 or 440V, 3 phase, 60Hz
* A full tank of hydraulic oil and service tools included.
* One safety, operator and service manual included.
* All ATLANTIC HDE Press Brakes are built to conform to ANSI
B11.3 "American Standard for machine tool- power press
brakes- safety requirements for construction, care and use".
The purchaser shall be responsible for the proper
installation and continued use of point of operation guards
and/or awareness barriers to assure required operator
* One year warranty on spare parts and labor, except tooling
from the date of installation.  Warranty shall be considered
void if the machine is not used in a normal and proper
manner, not properly maintained, or modified for any special
use.  No other warranty is either expressed or implied by
HACO-ATLANTIC, Inc. or any of its representatives.  For the
sake of its expediency involving a minor failure, HACO-
ATLANTIC, Inc. may at its option allow the user to purchase
a needed part locally for which he will be reimbursed upon
return of the defective part.

*** Installation, start up and training is included. 

Filler block 12' L x 3 " H x 3" W:  $1,800.00

Manual front operated back gauge:  *$2,950.00 Motorised
front operated back gauge:   *$4,380.00
29" front support arm with 2 T-slots and 1 tilting stop:

Additional tilting stop for front support arm:

Additional tilting stop with micrometer adjustment for front
support arm:  $210.00/each

Extra microswitch for punching:  $370.00

T-slot in bed, price per side:   *$1,070.00

Second foot pedal in series with standard pedal:  $1,130.00

Extra emergency stop button in specifieandard:  *$495.00
More price for extra finger block for back gauge:

Electrical stroke counter:  $450.00

Two hand control:  *$3,500.00

18" Triad Superlight V, Model TR18-4F-15 Infrared light
curtain system:  $2,650.00 - spaced light beam and one beam 
floating blank capacity

Triad swing mount brackets, model 9000, price per pair:
Atlantic fixed mount brackets, price per pair:  $750.00

Extra operator's manual:  $70.00

* indicates factory installation only

Payment Terms:  20% with order, 80% upon installation.

FOB:  Houston warehouse, TX.

Delivery Terms:  stock, subject to prior sale.

Validity of Offer:  90 days from November 7, 2002.