12 Ga. x 4', TENNSMITH, BOX & PAN BRAKE, MODEL#F6-48-12 **NEW**

Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 1890

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

Model:  F6-48-12 
Capacity, Mild Steel:  12 Gauge 
Capacity, Stainless Steel:  16 Gauge 
Bending Length:  48
Maximum Depth of Box:  6" 
Maximum Lift of Beam:  1-1/2" 
Front to Rear Beam Adjustment:  1/2"
Minimum Reverse Bend:  1/4"
Minimum Flange in Capacity Material:  1" 
Finger Widths:  3", 4", 5"
Dimensions, Counterweights in Place:  72"L x 49"W x 56"H
Shipping Weight:  1725 lbs.

Tennsmith F6 Series box and pan brakes were designed to
provide heavy-duty forming capability, along with the
flexibility of removable 6-inch box depth fingers. Ample
clamping and easy-to-use nose bar adjustments allow for a
quick-setting bend radius. Welded steel plate construction
and heavy truss rods and braces provide strength and

* Leveling screws and lock nuts on the pedestals
* Jack screws and tensioner bolts on the apron
* Truss rods on the apron, base and upper beam
* Fully adjustable counter balances to facilitate the
bending process
* Removable apron angle and insert permit 1/4-inch reverse
bends in lighter material

The "F6" at the start of this model# designates that this
brake will do a 6" maximum depth of box. Versus the standard
HBU-48-12 will only do a 4" box. 

Pair of extension fingers (Pair)
Pair of open-ended fingers (Pair)
Radius fingers (Please Specify Radii)

100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!