Reference Number: 2614

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Motor:  4 HP
Electricals (Specify One):  208, 220, 230, 440, 480, 3 PH
Max Blade (in):  14.5"
Spindle RPM:  13 - 76 Infinitely variable  
Max Vise Opening:  7.125" 
Weight:  1875 lbs.  
Coolant Capacity:  5 gallons 
Work Height:  35.25" 

@ 90 Degrees:
Round:  5.5
Square:  4
Rectangular:  3.5 x 7
@ 45 Degrees (R):
Round:  5.5
Square:  4
Rectangular:  4.75 x 3.5

@ 45 Degrees (L):
Round:  4
Square:  4
Rectangular:  4.75 x 3.5

@ 60 Degrees (R):
Round:  4
Square:  3.5
Rectangular:  3.5 x 3.5

Capacities shown are max envelope.  Each individual cutting
job must be considered with regard to type & shape of
material, and qty of pcs per day.

* The C 370 A is a rugged heavy duty vertical column
circular sawing machine with saw frame swiveling capability
for mitering.

* Vertical column construction provides extremely stable saw
frame guidance and stability, with vibration free sawing!
The air over hydraulic system provides optimum sawing rates
with minimum effort by the operator.

* A CNC controlled version, the C370-A-NC is available. The
Numeric Control transforms our standard automatic into the
easiest-to-use programmable sawing machine available today.

* The powerful operators control system provides important
sawing data such as:
    * Blade Drive Amperage during operation  
    * Blade Life 
    * Cycle Time 
    * Number of cut pieces 
    * Digital Blade Speed Readout 
    * Diagnostics

* The pendant mounted operators console features soft-touch
controls for all setup and sawing operations, including
height/depth controls for efficient saw cycling 

* Heavy Duty Drive, TEFC Motor
* Rotary Blade Brush
* Power Top Clamp Vise
* Full Electronic Control/Information System
* Height/Depth Cut Adjustments
* Hydraulic Oil
* Variable Clamping Pressure
* Blade Speed Indicator
* Disconnect Switch
* Totally Enclosed Transmission
* 24 Volt Controls
* HSS Sawblade
* Full coolant System
* Operators Tools
* All Safety Guards
* 6 feet of In-feed Conveyor

Freestanding Conveyors (not mounted to machine)
$350.00 AC100  Freestanding Roller Conveyor 12" wide x 5'
long, 1000 lb.
$510.00 AC101  Freestanding Roller Conveyor 12" wide x 10'
long, 2000 lb.

Custom Conveyors, mounted to machine with micro-adjustable
legs for easy alignment and installation
$495.00 AC300  12" Wide x 5' Long
$595.00 AC301  12" Wide x 10' Long

Customer worktanle/conveyor, mounted to machine with mico--
adjustable legs, cover plates between the cover plates

between rollers for ideal worktable surface
$975.00  AC102  Custom Infeed/Outfeed Roller Conveyor, 6'
         long, Mounted
$950.00  AC103  Additional 6' section for above conveyor
$1550.00 AC104 Custom Outfeed Roller Conveyor with built-in
         measuring system 6' long, mounted to machine
$1125.00 AC105 Additional 6' section for above conveyor
$200.00  AC106 Vertical Side Guide Rollers, set of (2)