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Reference Number: 2845

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  KTM-3VKF (MillPwr - 3 Axis)
Table Size:  50" x 10"
Table Travel:  36" (32" w/ cnc control)
Saddle Travel:  15.25" (14" w/ cnc control)
Knee Travel:  15"
Ram Travel:  22"
Quill Travel:  5" (4" w/ MillPwr-3 cnc control)
Quill Diameter:  3.375"
Spindle Motor:  3HP (inverter-duty)
Spindle Taper:  R-8 (NMTB-30 or Quick change spindle
Spindle Speeds:  60-550-4500 RPM (60-6000 on HS head
Overall Width:  102"
Overall Depth:  79"
Overall Height:  90"
Table to Floor:  34" - 49"
Spindle to Table:  2.75" - 17.75"
Spindle to Column:  5" - 27"
Maximum Workload:  850 lbs (Centered)
Net Weight (approx):  3100 lbs
Power Requirements:
220V 3-phase or 1-phase for machine, 10Amps (15A for 1-
Optional 440v requires 3-phase, 7.5Amps
110V dedicated for CNC control, 20Amps
Shipping Dimensions & Weight:
6' x 6' skid, 3300 lbs.

* 3 HP AC-Freq drive head with digital RPM display and
analog load meter
* 60-550-4500 spindle RPM (Hi/Low gear)
* Automatic centralized lubrication system with metered
* Single-phase or 3-phase power without the need for a phase
* Hardened and Ground (Hrc-52) table surface and all slide
* Easy conversational programming, DRO-mode allows for full
manual operations
* Engraving feature and DXF file import capability built-in,
3.5" floppy drive and 10" flat panel color LCD display

Quick change tooling package (Mach-1):  $1,450.00
NMTB-30 spindle:  $800.00
Air power drawbar (Maxi-Torque, made in USA):  $750.00
Chip tray:  $400.00
Flood coolant system (Built-in base):  $500.00
4" Riser block:  $500.00
6" Riser block:  $500.00
8" Riser block:  $600.00
Knee (z-axis) power feed:  $550.00
High-Speed (HS) 6000 RPM spindle (single gear) option:
XL version with 10x54 size table instead of 10x50 table:
440V Power instead of 220V:  $200.00

3-D Edge finder:  $350.00
Knee Linear encoder feedback for coupled Z-axis position:
AMI with programmable spindle on/off and M-functions:
On site start up training (2-day):  $2,500.00
(requires 1 to 2 weeks lead time for travel arrangements)

AC-Freq drive head - a better way:
AC-Freq drive models vary spindle rpm by changing the
frequency (Hz) of the power to the motor by electronic means
via a frequency inverter. No more sliding vari-disc with
plastic inserts means a more reliable milling head with less
maintenance issues. Runs quieter and smoother than standard
conventional mechanical sliding pulley drive systems. Three
phase power or single phase power. No need for a phase
converter - great for the shop or at home.

 *Easy to use, menu prompted, conversational format
 *3D tactile-feel color keypad
 *10" flat panel LCD color display
 *3" floppy disk drive
 *Remote stop/go switch
 *Close loop feedback using precision linear glass scales
with absolute encoder Position-Trac technology
 *Precision hardened and ground ballscrews
 *Direct DXF file input capability
 *Alphanumeric engraving on line or arc
 *Automatic cutter compensation for diameter and length,
with tool library
 *Scale, skew, rotate, and mirror

Position-Trac scale has absolute encoder technology. This
allows MillPwr control to find machine "home" position in
any axis by moving only up to 2" of travel. Once homed,
work piece datum is established and the control can repeat a
position even after being powered off. As an added benefit,
software limits can be set to safely keep machine travel
within machine travel limits without the need of additional
hardware limit switches and home switches.

The quick-release knob (on MillPwr-3 systems) allows the
quill to be quickly release from the Z-axis drive mechanism
so that the operator can use the quill/handle freely in
manual DRO mode. The Z-axis position readout is maintained
to allow Z-position reading/display while in this manual DRO

MillPwr is manufactured in the United States at Acu-Rite's
ISO-9001 registered facility.  MillPwr is backed by a
comprehensive 1-year warranty.

We don't use 3rd party installer:
It is surprising to us that most of our competitors in this
field actually do not install the cnc package themselves -
they usually hire a 3rd party person to do the installation. 
While this saves overall cost, we believe it does not
provide the best overall quality and reliability for our
customers. A 3rd party installer gets paid per job, whether
it takes 1 day or 1 week to finish the job. His main goal
is to get it done as quickly as possible, not necessary do
the best job possible.  In contrast,  Kent cnc mills are
installed by full-time Kent employees - his job is to do it
right.  Not the fastest way every time, always the right way
every time. Take comfort in knowing that your cnc mill was
done right.

A quick-change tooling system that allows quick tool change
while preserving the tool length preset will more than pay
for itself in a relatively short amount of time. The
standard R-8 spindle design was simply not meant for cnc
uses. A good solution is the Mach-1 quick change tooling
package. Another way is to go with a NMTB-30 spindle and an
air-powered drawbar. This latter method yields better
performance in terms of heavy cutting applications, since a
30-taper tool holder is normally more rigid than a R-8 style
quick change adaptor/holder. The Universal Kwik-Switch
system is an alternative to the NMTB-30 spindle where heavy
cutting applications is an issue. Here the standard R-8
spindle is replaced with a custom Kwik-Switch spindle.
More info on Mach-1 system: