Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 3661

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  H-410A-NC
16" Round, Square
16"WX 14"H Bundle Cap (Optional)
Max. Vise Opening:  16-1/2"
Max. Work Load Capacity:  7500 lbs.
Min Size Vise Clamp:  3/4" Both Sides of Blade
Vise Clamp Speed:  6 Seconds, Full Stroke
Max. Feed Rate:  10"/Min
Blade Speeds:  40 to 420 Feet/Min
Blade Width:  1-1/2"
Optional Blade Width:  1-1/4"
Blade Length:  20' 3"
Bandwheel Diameter:  24"
Blade Tension:  Automatic Hydraulic Control
Blade Guides:  Carbide, Hydraulic Clamp
Vises:  Hydraulic
Feeder Stroke (1 Feed):  21-1/2"
Max. Automatic Length:  390"
Max. Feeder Speed:  5 Sec Full Stroke
Min. Feed Length-Manual:  1/16"
Remnant End (Auto):  1-1/4"
Shortest Cut:  3/8"
Feed Accuracy:  0.010"
Blade Drive:  7.5 HP
Hydraulic Drive:  2 HP
Coolant System:  1/3 HP
Hydraulic Tank:  15 Gallons
Coolant Tank:  30 Gallons
Work Height:  28-3/4"
Machine Weight:  8000 lbs.
Machine Dimensions:  133"L-R, 75"F-B, 82"H

The Kalatec H 410 A-CNC combines extremely solid
construction with technologically superior controls to
provide an easy-to-use production double column bandsawing
machine built for todays diversified requirements.  Just
examine the list of characteristics!

Vertical Column Design allows "full capacity sawing", not
limited by the arc of the sawframe, and guides (a limitation
of "pivoting-type" machines). The guides are adjusted closer
to the workpiece for better sawing control, and the sawing
pressure is more precisely controlled because the sawframe
is coming directly down to the workpiece (not traveling
through an arc).  Heavy column guidance provides the
greatest possible cutoff tolerances.

Kalatec utilizes two machine vises.  The infeed vise clamps
from both sides and feeds the material to within 1 3/4" of
the sawblade.  The outfeed vise also clamps from both sides
and holds the cutoff material on the other side of the
sawblade, and holds to within 1/8" of the blade on the other
side. This vise also travels laterally 3/8", allowing
material separation at the finish of each cut.  The machine
makes a cut, the two vises retract 3/8", and the sawblade
returns for the next cut.  This feature is essential for
bundle sawing, or sawing with a carbide tipped sawblade, and
holding the workpiece on both sides of the sawblade
eliminates any drop-off burr.

Your material costs money and you don't want to waste it. 

Kalatec Material Saver feature allows you to load your
material into the machine, then the machine automatically
locates the material relative to the sawblade. If you want
to make a trim cut you may;  but if you don't need to make a
trim cut the material will be correctly located relative to
the blade so you may go immediately (and accurately) into
automatically cutting the desired lengths.  This give you a
tremendous time & material savings on large and/or expensive
bar stock.  It also allows you to insert one bar,
automatically cut one piece accurately and without waste,
then remove the bar to send back to storage.

Kalatec permits you to select your material from the
Materials Library, enter the material size, and the machine
will automatically select the optimum blade speed and
downfeed rate.  As the machine progresses through the cut it
will automatically adjust each of these settings to continue
to provide the optimum rates, automatically adjusting for
changing material cross-sections.

The machine monitors and receives feedback from the drive
motor ammeter and blade deflection monitor to provide
instantaneous computerized adjustments to keep the chips
flying at the optimum!  The machine computer allows storage
of your commonly performed sawing jobs to make future setup
fast and effortless.

Kalatec construction consists of fabricated steel plate and
structural materials, welded and normalized.   Machine is
fully enclosed, making operation safe and quiet.  All
systems easily accessed with hinged doors, making operation
and maintenance easy.  Movement of sawframe, barfeeder,
guides, and vises are done on linear slideways, and each of
these equipped with rack & encoder to monitor the status of
each device.  Barfeeder driven by hydraulic motor, turning a
precision ball screw.  

Sawframe downfeed is controlled by two large hydraulic
cylinders symmetrically located on both sides of the center
of the workpiece  Sawframe is hydraulically counterbalanced
and controlled by our exclusive proprietary feed control,
accurate at all speeds from 0.078"/min. to 10.00"/min. 
Feedback supplied by encoder, 10,000:1 resolution.

Kalatec automatically monitors, detects, and corrects for
the following:
 * Drive motor amperage, operating within normal parameters
 * Downfeed rate, operating within normal parameters
 * Blade deviation tolerance, cutting within normal
 * Blade tension, tensioned to proper hydraulic
 * Adequate coolant supply, alerts operator is coolant is
 * Vises, guides, sawframe in proper position for operation

* Automatic Hydraulic Blade Tension  For precise sawblade
tension control each time you turn the machine on.  Circuit
relaxes tension machine is not on, for reduced blade stress.

* Automatic Blade Break-in Machine control detects each time
the blade is changed, and automatically sets a "break-in"
period;  for a designated length of time cutting rates are
reduced to allow proper breaking in of blade.  Machine
automatically reverts to standard cutting rates following
break-in period.

* Automatic Hydraulic Blade Guide Control  Provides zero-
clearance between guides and blade, and allows very simple
insertion of blade between guides when changing blade

* Hydraulic Guide Arm Positioning - Assures the guide arms
are always quickly and easily maintained in the optimum
position nearest the workpiece

* Hydraulic Chip Auger  Automatically removes chips from
beneath the cutting area into an external chip bin.

* Hydraulic powered Chip Brush  Assures chips are cleaned
from the blade

* Blade Out-Of-Tolerance Sensor Monitors the blade attitude,
makes adjustments in rates, or shuts the machine off if
deviation exceeds desird specification.  Allows you to use
blade until it's maximum life has expired.

* Vertical Material Roller  Facilitates loading of your
stock in proper alignment with saw vises

* Variable Speed Bar Feeder allows smooth and accurate
feeding of material, and locating precisely with Material
Saver feature

* Full Material Support Roller Support allows your heavy
materials to be supported by heavy duty rollers right up to
within less than 2" inches of the sawblade, making transport
of heavy billets right up to the blade line effortless.

* CNC Operating System
* Full Materials Library, Automatic Operating System
* Blade break/low tension limit switch
* Out of Stock limit switch
* Blade "out of tolerance" feedback system
* Low volt control, OL & low volt protection
* Heavy Duty Vari-Speed Drive (no belts)
* Totally Enclosed Transmission
* TEFC Motors, NEMA 12 enclosure
* Electricals to NFPA-79 Electrical Standards
* Bi-Metal Blade
* Carbide Guides w/ rollers & Hydraulic Guide Clamping
* Automatic Hydraulic Guide Arm Control