Reference Number: 4986

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  4662
KVA:  50 KVA @ 50% Duty Cycle
Throat:  Adjustable 18" to 30"
Type:  Air Operated
Foot Switch:  2-State Electric
Cooling:  Water Cooled
Dual Voltage:  220/440V, Single Phase, 60 HZ

* Welded steel frame with removable access panel
* Adjustable throat depth from 18" to 30" with adjustable
* Universal water-cooled arms for 90-degree or 30-degree
inclined tip holder position.
* Dual voltage water-cooled transformer
* User-friendly built-in microprocessor welding control TE90
with dual weld schedule memory capability. NEME type S3H
synchronous 4 sequence control with adjustable squeeze,
weld, hold and off times (0-99 cycles with plus or minus
zero accuracy) for single spot or automatic repeat
operation. Dual weld time and dual current adjustment permit
use of two independent electric foot switches. Digital phase
shift weld current selection 1 to 99% in one percent
increments for precision welding. Up slope and pulsation
weld functions for best results when welding galvanized or
coated steel. Surface condition compensation improve welding
of dirty or oxidized steels. 
* LED function and diagnosis indicators.
* Maintenance free solid state SCR contractor
* Two stage electric foot switch with the option to add a
second footswitch for Dual Current & Dual Weld Time.
* Combination air filter, lubricator and pressure regulator
with gauge.
* Speed control valves to adjust closing and opening speeds.

Welder will be furnished complete, ready for customer
installation to correct voltage, fused electrical supply,
air, and water lines.