23" x 13", DAKE/JOHNSON, MODEL#V24 **NEW**

Reference Number: 5035

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Throat Size:  23 inches
Maximum Work Height:  13 inches
Blade Width:  5/16 - 1 inch x 187 inches length
Blade Speed - Low Range:  50 - 425 FPM
Blade Speed - High Range:  425 - 4,250 FPM
Worktable Dimensions:  26-3/8 inches x 26-3/8 inches
Worktable Tilt:  10  left / 30 right
Worktable Height from Floor:  42 inches
Welder Capacity:  1/8 - 1 inch
Horsepower:  2.2 H.P. maximum
Weight:  2,025 pounds
Overall Height:  90 inches
Base Width:  60 inches
Depth:  60 inches
Lubricant:  Mist-type unit OPTIONAL

Available 230-volt three phase  
Available 460-volt three phase (external transformer) 
Machine should be wired to main service by a qualified

20-amp service for 230-volt machine
16-amp service for 460-volt machine
Compressed Air:  80-120 (clean, dry shop air for chip

* Rip fence, work lamp, tachometer and one standard blade
furnished with the machine.

* Protractor, and high-speed roller guides are all standard
on this machine.

* The heavy machined table has 4 T-slots for more versatile
work, and an auxiliary worktable gives a larger work area.

* Blade welder built into the machine, capable of welding
blade stock from 1/8 to 3/4 in.

* Built in annealer and grinder for professional results.

* Heavy-duty 2-speed gearbox with 50 to 500 feet per minute
speed in low range and from 500 TO 4500 feet per minute in
high range.

* Conveniently placed controls. Blade tension indicator,
easy to read and takes the guess work out of blade

* Blade changes are made quickly with easy access to the
band wheels.

* A blade speed selection compass mounted at eye level for
quick reference.

* Steel base that out weighs comparable competitive models. 
This in turn helps reduce any wobble and vibration.

* Low voltage controls, with door interlocks on all doors
and electrical enclosure.

* (2) wheels may be used for shorter blade length, when full
capacity is not needed.

Mist System:  $852.28
Circular Cutting Attachment:  $352.18

2 pair total on machine (one pair upper arm/one pair lower
arm) 3 mm/4 mm Guide Insert (1/4"):  $129.50/pair
6 mm/8 mm Guide Insert (3/8"):  $146.98/pair
10 mm/12 mm Guide Insert (1/2"):  $154.24/pair
16 mm/20 mm Guide Insert (3/4"):  $191.18/pair
25 mm/32 mm Guide Insert (1"):  $205.36/pair

$340 for transformer (480 Volt)