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Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  MBB4181 (4' X 18 GA.)
Motor:  115 V, Single Phase, 60 HZ
Max Bend Length: 49.38 or 51" w/Manual Location of Keeper
Full Length Bend Capacity:  18 Gauge Mild Steel
  (Extension piece fitted to bend beam)
Min. Reverse Bend:  1.50" With Work Support
                    .75" Without Work Support
Weight:  290 lbs.

Comes equipped with:
(1) 52.5 inch Bending Bar
(1) 26 inch Bending Bar
(1) 12 inch Bending Bar
(1) 6 inch Bending Bar
(1) 4 inch Bending Bar
(1) 3 inch Bending Bar
(1) 2 inch Bending Bar
(1) 1.5 inch Bending Bar
(1) 1 inch Bending Bar
(1) 3/4 inch Bending Bar

Magnabend offers performance characteristics no conventional
bending brake can match. The unique electromagnetic design
of the keeper clamping system allows you to form many
complex shapes not possible before. Plus, Magnabend can
handle all regular shapes in light ferrous and non-ferrous
sheet metal (up to 4' wide, 18 ga.) in a simpler, less time
consuming and efficient manner. 

The rugged simple construction incorporating only one moving
part assures low maintenance and versatility for all light
duty forming requirements. 

A wide variety of complex shapes can be formed with
Magnabend. These include rolled edges up 330, partial
length bends, closed shapes, unlimited depth for boxes and
heavier material bends (up to 10 ga.) in shorter widths.

* ELECTROMAGNETIC DESIGN - Designed to eliminate the
hindrance of an upper beam with the introduction of an
elongated electromagnet and keeper system.
* SELF LOCATING - A simple, effective method of locating the
full length keeper is achieved by spring-loaded steel
locater balls
* TRIPLE HINGE SYSTEM - Three hinges allow magnabend to have
a lighter bending beam without limiting durability and 
* BEND-ANGLE GAUGE - Features adjustable stop for precise
repeat bends

100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!