Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 5609

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  SB-32
Machine Type:  Floor Model Manual Drill Press
Maximum Work Diameter:  18 inches
Maximum Drill Capacity:  1-1/4 inches
Spindle Travel:  5-1/4 inches
Spindle Taper:  MT4
Spindle Speeds:  9 speeds via 3 pulley system
Speed Range:  270/ 410/ 450/ 600/ 690/ 720/ 1410/ 1620/
Column Diameter:  3-5/8 inches
Horsepower:  2 h.p.
Table Type:  Tilting, rotating swivel table with Tee slots
Spindle to Table:  26-1/4 inches
Spindle to Base:  50 inches
Electrics:  CE Certified 230-volt 
Overall height:  71 inches
Weight:  483 pounds
Lubricant:  Mist-type unit optional

* Heavy-duty 9 speed floor model drill press. Comes complete
with keyed chuck.
* Depth is adjustable and can preset for repetitious
drilling operation to predetermined depth.
* Conveniently placed CE cert controls. Plastic membrane
covers push button on / off switch to prevent contamination
to components. E-stop button, low voltage, thermo overload
protected and belt cover interlock switch for safety. 
Adjustable plexiglas chip / chuck guard standard 3-phase
power for economical and powerful operation.
* Bit changes quickly with tool removal wedge or chuck key.
* Precision ground table and base with tee slots for
clamping and fixturing.
* Large tilting table that can be swiveled or rotated on the
column for a variety of drilling operations. Height
adjustable table with locking mechanism. 
* Quick release belt tensioning for fast speed changes.
Three pulley system for high torque and multiple speed
ranges. Pulleys are drilled for best balance.
* Three spoke handle with spring return for ergonomic
* Compact size to minimize floor space.
* Large column diameter for added rigidity. 
* MT#4 (Morse Taper) accepts most standard size bits or
* Speeds and feeds chart for materials and bit size, for
easy reference and optimum operation.