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Reference Number: 5824

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

Model:  R-H55
Roll Adjustment:  Hydraulic
Pipe Capacity:  Size: 2.5" (sch. 40) / Min. Dia.: 40"
Round Tube Capacity:  Size: 4" (.083") / Min. Dia.: 72"
Square Tube Capacity:  Size: 2.75" (.083") / Min. Dia.: 54"
Solid Round Capacity:  Size: 2" / Min. Dia. 28"
Flat Bar Easy Way:  Size: 5" (.75") / Min. Dia. 28"
Flat Bar Hard Way:  Size: 3.5" (.675")/ Min. Dia.: 32"
Angle Iron Capacity:  Size: 3" (.250")/ Min. Dia.: 36"
Shaft Diameter:  2.165"
Shaft Center Distance Lower Rolls:  11.875"
Lower Roll Dia.:  6.693"
Pinch:  Single
Digital Readout:  Yes
Power:  220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight:  1,728 lbs.


The Baileigh Industrial R-H55 angle roller is perfect for
bending round tube and pipe, sections, bar, and angle iron
into large sweeping radii. This machine uses three driven
rolls that are powered by a 220 volt three phase 5hp motor
via a direct drive transmission that offer enough power to
roll 4" round tubing with a .083 wall thickness.   In order
to achieve capacity like this the R-H55 is built from a
heavy steel plate that is mounted on a fully welded steel
housing.  Like all section benders from Baileigh Industrial,
this one can be operated in the vertical mode for smaller
diameters and laid on its back for horizontal bending when
larger diameters are required.

The R-H55 angle roller has industrial grade hydraulics for
positioning the top roll. The top roll position is
controlled by the operator and the final descent and upward
position is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder that has a
digital readout for positioning.  The DRO makes this roller
bender repeatable which is very important for those multiple
piece production runs. The R-H55 comes standard with a set
of segment rolls, lateral roll guides for coiling, and an
easy to use control station. Baileigh Industrial machines
always offer great value for the investment using only the
highest quality components on the market.