Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 5915

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  7105RF Glider Rolling-Head (Rapidfire)
Fasten:  1/2" to 2" Pins
Capacity:  26 to 16 Gauge Mild Steel
Input Voltage:  190-240 VAC 60Hz, 1 Phase, 30 Amp 
Air Requirement:  2-3 CFM, 80 PSI 
Working Depth:  60" 
Anvil Height:  36" 
Total Depth:  71" 
Total Width:  32" 
Weight:  800 lbs. 

Convenience of a moveable weld head combined with new step
welding speeds production!

The new PowerPinner Glider 7105 Rapid Fire has all the
features of our standard 7105 welder plus a special program
that allows the operator to continuously fasten weld pins
while depressing the foot pedal. This option works when the
arm is locked in the vertical position and the machine is
foot pedal activated. The RF will keep welding pins until
the operator removes his foot from the pedal. This maximizes
speed for the fastest possible pinning operation. Flip a
switch and the machine returns to a manual mode for larger
pieces of duct work.

The PowerPinner Glider 7105 Rapid Fire features simple,
reliable electronic controls and a high output transformer
that will fasten 1/2" to 2" pins to 16-26 gauge sheet metal.

* Moving Head
* Speeds production.
* Flange Cutouts
* Permit continuous lining of flat or L section flanged
* New Improved Reliability
* The PowerPinner Glider 7105 Moving Head Welder uses a PLC
(Programmable Logic Control) and non-contact proximity
sensors in place of pneumatic valves and mechanical
Easy To Operate
* Simple logical controls reduce operation training.
* Standard 5 Foot Throat
* Fastens large duct sections, reducing material handling.
* Front Mounted Component Cabinet
* Affords easy access for service needs.
* Visual Load Cycle
* Quickly confirms electronic functions.
* NEMA 12-Rated Electrical Cabinet
* Protects electrical component to minimize machine down-
* Lightweight Foot Pedal
* Allows easy movement by operator; cord protector prevents
* Compact
* Place between work tables for efficient work flow.