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Reference Number: 5991

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

Model:  PBF-510 (#27372)
Pins:  1/2" to 4" Pins
Through:  26 to 18 Gauge Mild Steel
Electricals:  208-230V, 60 HZ, Single Phase
AMP:  100 AMP Service
Dimensions:  32"H (Handle Height 37") X 17"W X 26"D

Duro-Dyne is proud to introduce the next generation of
portable insulation fastening equipment. Built upon the
highly successful PBF pinspotter concept, the PBF-510
delivers more power, further away and with more control than
ever before. A new Multi-tap transformer allows the PBF-510
to deliver precise, timed low voltage to the welding tip. 
This voltage will weld pins from 1/2" to 4" long on steel
from 26 to 18 gauge. Proven solid-state weld control
circuitry guarantees years of reliable, trouble free service
in your shop.

* Caster Wheels allows easy movement in the shop.
* Hi/low power selection via (2) Weld Cable Power Ports
provides adjustment for different welding conditions.
* Standard 16' Gun Cable and 11' Ground Cable (Gun Cable
extendable to 24' with optional extension set purchased).
* Convenient storage bin for Weld Pins or Weld Cables.
* "Easy Read" Weld Timer adjustment for precise control.
* Panel mounted test switch and indicator lights for easy
* Proven solid state control circuitry!