Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 6332

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  Rams-2014 
Capacity:  20 Gauge Max. - 28 Ga. Min. Mild Steel 
Motor:  3 HP, 110/208-230 VOLT,  
Approx. Speed:  40 FPM 
Dimensions:  63" Long x 26" Wide x 34" High
Approx. Weight:  600 lbs.

The RAMS 2014 Auxiliary Machine is like no other machine
available on the market today. Features a 5 HP motor 208-
230V single phase. It was designed specifically for ease of
use, flexibility and the convenience of the end user. Key
features include: hinged table top and square drive shafts
which allows easy access to change out a complete roll set
in less than five minutes, quick change tooling which
requires no keys or tools, and quick jam clearing. This
machine can convert from a button lock to an Acme & Drive
Cleat machine instantly.

No other manufacturer offers this machine. There is no "S"
cleat down the middle. Instead, drive gears down the middle
power outboard shafts on both sides. On the outboard shafts
we developed a square drive, eliminating the key and keyway
on the roller. Roll sets now available are "6 in 1 Tap-in",
"Right Angle", "Drive Cleat", "ACME Double Seam", and "Male
and Female Button Lock".  The RAMS square drive shafts
enable quick change of rolls - swap a full set of rolls in
less than 3 minutes. No tooling or keys to worry about. Just
push a button to release the rolls. Convert from a Button
lock to an ACME/Drive Cleat machine or whatever combination
you desire in just minutes. No adjustments necessary .

6 in 1 Tap-in Rolls:   22 Ga Max, 26 Ga Min 
ACME Double Seam Rolls:  20 Ga Max, 26 Ga Min 
Drive Cleat Rolls:  20 Ga Max, 26 Ga Min 
Male Button Lock Rolls:  20 Ga Max, 24 Ga Min 
Female Button Lock Rolls:  20 Ga Max, 24 Ga Min 
Male Button Lock Rolls:  24 Ga Max, 28 Ga Min
Female Button Lock Rolls: 24 Ga Max, 28 Ga Min
Pittsburg Rolls:  24 Ga Max, 28 Ga Min
Pittsburg Rolls:  20 Ga Max, 22 Ga Min

Roller Storage Tray available as an option