Reference Number: 6487

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

Model:  R-H45
Roll Adjustment:  Hydraulic
Pipe Capacity:  Size: 2" (sch. 40) / Min. Dia.: 48"
Round Tube Capacity:  Size: 2.75" (.083") / Min. Dia.: 60"
Square Tube Capacity:  Size: 2" (.120") / Min. Dia.: 51"
Solid Round Capacity:  Size: 1.5" / Min. Dia. 28"
Flat Bar Easy Way:  Size: 5" (.75") / Min. Dia. 28"
Flat Bar Hard Way:  Size: 3.25" (.375")/ Min. Dia.: 32"
Angle Iron Capacity:  Size: 2" (.250")/ Min. Dia.: 36"
Shaft Diameter:  1.772"
Shaft Center Distance Lower Rolls:  9.562"
Lower Roll Dia.:  5.827"
Pinch:  Single
Power:  220V Single Phase
Shipping Weight:  1,188 lbs.


Baileigh Industrial's R-H45 tube roller is the perfect for
bending large radii in materials up to 2" Square x .120"
wall, or 2" Schedule 40 pipe and much more.  This machine
only requires 220 volts of single phase power, so it is the
perfect machine for any fabrication shop and can also be
brought to most job sights. The R-H45 tube roller come
standard with a heavy duty steel plate frame that is tied to
a large industrial motor and transmission that turns all
three rolls. The framework is fully welded and allows the
roll bender to be tipped backward into the horizontal
position when rolling larger diameters.

Like all Baileigh Industrial powered tube rollers, this
machine comes with an inverter drive that offers soft start
ups for long motor life and overload protection to protect
the mechanics of the machine. This tube roller comes
standard with industrial grade hydraulics that powers the
downward and upward position of the top roll. The R-H45 is
programmable for the upward and downward position allowing
for accurate repeatable bends every time. Our hydraulic tube
rollers come standard with the segment rolls, lateral roll
guides for coiling, operator pendant that houses operator
buttons, DRO programmer and much more.