Reference Number: 6740

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  HB-9612
Min Reverse Bend:  .625"
Thickness (SS):  12 ga. (16 ga.)
Capacity:  96"
Beam Adjustment:  1"
Bend Angle:  0 - 135
Power:  Manual
Shipping Weight:  2,640 lbs.
Length:  96"
Shipping Dimensions:  123" x 34" x 40"

* specifications subject to change without notice.


Have some heavy sheet metal to bend?  The HB-9612 has the 
ability to bend 8' sheets of 12 guage mild steel easily and
effortlessly.  Baileigh Industrial really focused the
stucture with this sheet metal hand brake.  The top beam is 
fully welded plate steel and uses support trusses to 
maintain rigidity.  The bending leaf once again is plate
steel with integrated side pivots that use bushings for
great wear characteristics.  The bending blade is precisely
machined to exacting tolerances for the tightest bend
radius available.

Like all Baileigh Industrial sheet metal had brakes the
HB-9612 is made from the finest quality components; heavy
cast clamp handles, a heavy duty stand that sets the beam
at a perfect working height, as well as balance the machine
for stability during the bending process.  Two heavy duty
counter balance weights are also included to make it very
easy to bend at maximum capacity.  

The HB-9612 is built to offer years of service within any
fabrication environment.