Reference Number: 6762

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

Model:  SH-8014
Back Gauge Length:  24"
Shear Length:  80"
Motor:  3 hp
Thickness (SS):  14 ga. (18 ga.)
Strokes Per Minute:  26
Front Gauge Length:  24"
Blade Angle:  1
Power:  220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight:  3,700 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions:  104" x 36" x 53"


The SH-8014 hydraulic shear from Baileigh industrial is a
great shear for those fabrication shops that mainly workS
with smaller gauge sheet metal.  The SH-8014 metal shear
from Baileigh Industrial has an 80" cutting width and can
shear up to 14 gauge mild steel. The table of the SH-8014
hydraulic shear is made from ground and polished steel plate
allowing enough rigidity to shear at full capacity over and
over again. The SH-8014 hydraulic shear can also cut through
18 gauge stainless steel.

Operating on 220 volt three phase power, the industrial
grade hydraulics pull the top shearing head with top blade
smoothly through the material being cut increasing blade
life. The SH-8014 shear has top and bottom blades have
multiple cutting edges that extends blade life. The SH-8014
features hydraulic hold downs that hold the sheet metal
firmly against the in feed table eliminating any lifting of
material as it is cut which improves blade life.

The SH-8014 hydraulic metal shear has a manual back gauge or
material stop as well as front support arms to help the
operator handle the sheet metal and provide for repeatable
shearing. The operator control panel has a switch that
allows the fabricator to jog the blade, for accurate blade
adjustment, or go into an automatic mode that is initiated
by the foot pedal control.