Reference Number: 6770

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

Model:  SH-12003-HD
Back Gauge Length:  31.50"
Shear Length:  120"
Motor:  20 hp
Thickness (SS):  1/4" (7 ga.)
Strokes Per Minute:  20 - 30
Front Gauge Length:  39.37"
Blade Angle:  1/2 - 2 Adjustable
Blade Gap Adjustment:  Manual, Lever Acuated
Power:  220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight:  15,400 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions:  158" x 70" x 85"


If you are looking for the highest quality, most reliable "
mild steel hydraulic shear on the market, you have just
found it.  The SH-12003-HD hydraulic shear from Baileigh
Industrial is built for years of heavy cutting production.
It can cut 10' wide sheet metal with a thickness up to 1/4"
thick all day long. The SH-12003-HD comes has an upper blade
carriage that rides in a 3 axis bearing housing that runs on
a heavy duty precision ground and hardened rail system for
unbeatable accuracy and longevity of blade life. The frame
uses plate steel that is fully welded for the most stability

Operation of the SH-12003-HD is handled through an NC
controller and foot pedal.  The controller allows for
programming of the back gauge to make the best use of each
piece of steel.  To ensure the material is position
correctly, the back gauge positioner that rides on a screw
ball rail system and uses an encoder for accuracy.   The SH-
12003-HD hydraulic shear also comes standard with a simple
to operate control panel including the rake adjustment,
jog/run/stop controls, program pad for the back gauge,
production counter, and much more.  The SH-12003-HD is also
good for the lighter gauge materials; a quick change blade
gap adjustment is included as well.

The SH12003-HD is made for years of use and uses only the
best components.