Reference Number: 6846

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  Dake Thomas Cut 315
Machine Type:  Pivot head cold saw
Maximum Blade Size:  12-1/2 inches with 32 mm arbor:
(2/8/45mm drive pin spacing)
Minimum Blade Size:  12 inches with 32 mm arbor:  (2/8/45mm
drive pin spacing)
Spindle Speeds:  Single Phase:  1 speed 
Three Phase:  2 speed
Minimum/Maximum spindle RPM:  Single Phase:   44 RPM
Three Phase:  22 RPM / 44 RPM
Head Feed:  Manual
Vise:  Manual, cam activated
Maximum Vise Opening:  4-5/8 inches
Miter Cutting Capabilities:  45 right / 45 left
Controls CE Certified 24-volt - Handle Mounted Trigger
Horsepower:  2- HP 
Weight:  450 pounds
Work Height:  38- inches
Overall Height:  59 inches
Base Width:  26 inches
Depth:  36 inches
Lubricant:  Flood type unit built into the machine
120-volt single phase 
230-volt three phase
460-volt three phase (external transformer) / $525 EXTRA
Machine should be wired to main service by a qualified

20-amp service for 120-volt & 230-volts machines
OR 16-amp service for 460-volt machines
COMPRESSED AIR: 90 PSI with optional pneumatic vise

@ 90 Degrees:
Round:  3-5/8"
Square:  3-1/4"
Flat:  4-1/4" x 2-3/4"

@ 45-Degrees:
Round:  3-1/2"
Square:  3-1/8"
Flat:  3-1/4" x 2-3/4"

Blade starter pack, Three HSS 12" blades (120, 180, and 280
tooth):  $475.00

78" Loading Table - Inbound:  $1035.00

78" Unloading Table - Out-bound with scale and adjustable
positive stop:  $1810.00

Pneumatic vise - Factory Installed:  $2075.00

* Heavy-duty low production saw, comes with one standard HSS

* Capable of near milled finish cuts with proper blade.

* Large pivot point with eccentric bushing for adjustment of
cutting head for squareness if ever needed.

* Heavy-duty gearbox for long dependable life. All steel and
bronze gears. No plastic gears to break. 3 " bronze gear
(not 1 " like most machines)

* CE Certified electronigs. Low voltage hand control with
dead man switch. Thermo over load protection, low voltage
protection with emergency stop button. This all housed in a
watertight electrical enclosure. 

* Miters right and left up to 45 degrees, and all angles in
between. Set-up is precise using the scribed scale on the
vise pivot. Vise face can be adjusted close to the blade for
maximum holding power. Vise incorporates an anti burr arm,
for burr free cuts.

* Hardened and serrated steel vise faces for sure clamping
and long life.

* Vise is hand wheel adjustable and cam lever activated for
repetitious clamping.

* Heavy gauge oversized steel base.

* Blade guard completely covers the blade.

* Stock stop gauge for repetitive cutting.

* Tool kit for quick blade changes.

* Complete CE approved English owners manual, and blade
pitch calculator.

* One gallon of coolant.