9" X 14-1/2" DAKE (Roll-in style) VERTICAL BANDSAW, MODEL#SXC **NEW**

Reference Number: 7130

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  SXC
Blade width:  1/4 TO 3/4"
Blade length:  120"
Blade speed:  70/140/270...
A Blade travel: 9
B Maximum work height:  14-1/2"
Cut capacity:  9 X 14-1/2"
Electrics:  1 or 3 Phase
Horsepower:  1 HP
FxC table precision ground:  29" x 18"
D Work height:  36-1/2"
Wheel diameter:  14"
E Machine height:  66"
F Machine width:  29"
G Machine depth:  40"
Weight (lbs):  810 lbs.

Great for production and model shops! These SXC Parma
vertical bandsaws have what you need: gravity feed, fast set
up, a variable feed rate system, low voltage controls, and
enclosed guarding.

* Gravity feed. The blade feeds into the material by
gravity, which allows for hands-free operation.

* Variable feedrate system with hydraulic feed regulator
features a convenient front mounted flow control valve. Cut
almost any metal or other hard material - four blade speeds
and infinitely adjustable blade pressure. Hydraulic feed
regulator prote

* Fast set up. Effortless changes between a cut off saw,
contour saw and rip saw. Fast set up makes it ideal for

* Low voltage controls with thermal overload and E-stop for
emergency stop and start situations.

* Frame and base are heavy duty welded steel for rigidity. 
Built to handle the toughest environments.

* Enclosed guarding for step pulley and bottom wheel