Reference Number: 7609

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

Model:  V-60-16-N
* 16-30 Gauge mild steel capacity
* 12,000 lbs maximum coil capacity (with coil drive)
* Coil widths from 48" - 60" standard
* Up to six coil stations available
* Quick-change coil spools (patented)
* Hydraulic coil drive
* Powered in-feed guide ramp with hand wheel for change in
coil widths
* Approximately 70 FPM line speed  

* Pneumatic back-up wheels at each coil station for safe
band removal and positive coil feed.
* Robust, gear-driven four (4) roll straightener with 4"
diameter rolls.
* Heavy duty notching unit with combination dies to
provide Slip & Drive, TDX, Snaplock and Pittsburgh notch
* Dual hydraulic cylinder shear with high carbon, high
chrome D-2 shear blades. Fully adjustable heavy duty gibs
allow for independent blade gap adjustment. Heavy duty
torsion synchronization shaft insures proper shear angle
throughout the stroke.
* VICON PC based control system capable of controlling a
complete system.
* Ring type beading with SMACNA spacing.
* Hands-free coil feed

The Duct-Line Express front end is expandable to a Full Coil
Line system at anytime. This practical solution includes an
uncoiler (patented), feeder, straightener unit, beader,
notching unit and heavy duty shear.

The VICON Coil Cradle System is an innovative solution for
the easy loading of coils. Convenient removable coil keeper
end plate is light enough for just one person to attach it
to the drum mandrel.
VICON Coil Line software program for Windows

ViSoft software is menu-driven, user-friendly and can be set
to SMACNA standards or customized to your shop standards. 
Continually updated and supported by VICON's experienced
team of programming engineers, ViSoft ensures enhanced
productivity and superb part accuracy.

72" coil width
Precision, high speed servo system
Tie rod hole punch unit Model HP-5 provides tie rod and
damper holes per SMACNA standards (or your own standards).
Economical overfed coil cradle systems for smaller overall