12.5", JET MANUAL COLD SAW, 315mm, STK#414227, MODEL#CS-315 **NEW**

Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 7674

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  CS-315
Stock Number:  414227
Cutting Capacity Solid (in.):  2  
Cutting Capacity Tubing (in.):  3-3/8  
Round at 90 Degrees (in.):  3-3/8 (tube), 2 (solid)  
Round at 45 Degrees (in.):  3-3/8 (tube), 2 (solid)  
Rectangle at 90 Degrees (in.):  3-1/6 X 3-1/16 (tube), 4 x
3-1/16 (solid)

Square at 90 Degrees (in.):  3.25 x 3.25 (tube), 3.2 x 3.2
Blade Size (in.):  315mm x 32mm x 2mm  
Blade Speeds (RPM):  52 , 104  
Maximum Vise Opening (in.):  4.7  
Motor:  2HP, 220V, 3Ph  
Rectangle at 45 Degrees (in.):  2-1/4 x 2-1/4 (tube), 2-1/4
x 3-1/16 (solid)

Square at 45 Degrees (in.):  3-1/16 x 3-1/16 (tube), 2-1/4 x
2-1/4 (solid)  
Overall Dimensions:  40L x 40W x 70H  
Height:  72 inch
Width:  40 inch
Length:  40 inch
Net Weight:  390 pound

The JET CS-315 Manual Cold Saw features durable cast iron
construction with 2 cutting speeds. Miter cuts are easily
attained by the head that rotates 90 degrees left and 45
degrees right. Cutting solids, tubing and structural shapes
happens quickly and leaves a smooth, mill-like finish. Burr-
free cuts are attained using the self-centering vise. JET's
industry leading 2-year warranty is also standard.

* Miter up to 135 degrees
* Heavy duty cast iron frame base with a cast saw head
* Long actuating handle gives the operator a lot of
* Clamping system operation is conducted with a cam-handle
for quick release
* Integral coolant system