Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 7886

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  GH-2280ZX
Stock Number:  321980  
Swing over Bed (in.):  22  
Swing over Cross Slide (in.):  13  
Swing Through Gap (in.):  29-1/2  
Length of Gap (in.):  12  
Distance Between Centers (in.):  80  
Spindle Bore (in.):  3-1/8  
Spindle Mount:  D1-8  
Spindle Taper W/ Sleeve:  MT-7(MT-5)  
Number of Spindle speeds:  12  
Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM):  25-1,800  
Number of Longitudinal and Cross Feed Rates:  122  
Range of Longitudinal Feeds (IPR):  .0015-.0913  
Range of Cross Feeds (IPR):  .0006-.0365  
Number of Inch Threads:  61  
Range of Inch Threads (TPI):  1-5/8-72  
Number of Metric Threads:  24  
Range of Metric Threads:  .05-20  
Max Tool Size (in.):  1 x 1  
Compound Slide Travel (in.):  5-1/8  
Cross Slide Travel (in.):  10  
Carriage Travel (in.):  74-5/16  
Tailstock Spindle Travel (in.):  5  
Taper in Tailstock Spindle:  MT-5  
Steady Rest Capacity (in.):  3/8 - 7-3/4  
Follow Rest Capacity (in.):  1/2-3-1/2  
Width of Bed (in.):  13-1/8  
Motor:  10HP, 230/460V, 3Ph, Prewired 230V  
Prewired:  230V  
Feature:  Live center  
Feature:  Tool box and adjusting tools  
Overall Dimensions:  136 x 45 x 69  
Height:  69 inch
Width:  45 inch
Length:  136 inch
Net Weight:  6933 pound

* 16", 18" and 22" ZX Series large spindle bore lathes
* Uniquely designed exclusively by JET
* ISO 9001 certified manufacturer
* 3-1/8" bore spindle is supported by two tapered and one
ball bearing
* Chrome molybdenum headstock gears are hardened, ground,
and shaved
* Universal gearbox allows inch, metric, diametral, and
module pitch threads, no change gears required
* Carriage Feature one-shot lubrication and Turcite B on
bed sliding surfaces
* T-slotted compound slide featuring a four-way tool post
* One-piece cast iron base absorbs vibration allowing
heavier cuts
* High quality ANSI Class 50 wear-resistant cast iron bed
ways are hardened and ground
* Removable gap allows up to 23-5/8" diameter work on 16",
27-1/2" on 18"
* Five position automatic carriage stop increases
* Attractive chrome control levers, dials, and knobs
complete this impressive package
* Large easy to use foot brake

* Tolerance test certificate included
* 10 3-jaw scroll chuck with top reversing jaws
* 12 4-jaw independent chuck
* 12 face plate (16 models)
* 16 face plate (18 models)
* Four-way tool post
* Follow rest
* Large capacity steady rest
* Fully integrated coolant system
* Full length splash guard and coolant return
* Articulating halogen work lamp
* Centrally located controls with jog button
* Threading dial
* Mounting pads and levelers
* Spindle sleeve (MT-7 to MT-5)
* Dead center
* Chuck Guard
* Tool box and adjusting tools